Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV

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Product description
Product description

Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV

With the specific needs of electric and hybrid cars in mind, the Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV tyre was developed. It is an all-season model, classified in the premium segment.

The model is adapted for use on heavy vehicles exerting strong pressure on the tyres while driving. This ensures that the tyres do not wear out too quickly and that the safe lifespan is lengthy. At the same time, the Vredestein brand has increased the rigidity of both the tread and the construction belt. This has resulted in improved performance in terms of the car's stability when cornering. This means that the driver can manage the driving track with precision.

Refined tread

The model uses an asymmetrical tread pattern, upgraded for use in electric cars. Combined with a state-of-the-art silica rubber compound, this ensures that on both dry and wet surfaces the tyres do not lose grip and the braking distance is optimally short. This is of paramount importance for safe travel throughout the year.

The fairly dense deep sipe system, on the other hand, is a solution that is indispensable in winter conditions. The tyre performs well on snow, as attested to by the three mountain peak symbol found on the side of the tyre.

The materials used in the manufacture of the tyres mean that the range of an electric car is extended – low rolling resistance is particularly important for this type of vehicle. An optimised, lightweight design is also important, enabling a reduction in the level of energy consumed by the car when travelling.

The Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV is - relative to the standard Quatrac Pro:

  • steering precision improved by 6%,

  • 15% less rolling resistance;

  • braking performance on dry roads improved by 4%,

  • 5% more comfortable driving experience.

The Vredestein brand has made an effort to reduce the production of carbon dioxide during the production of the model.


Vredestein is a company with more than a century of tradition and is trusted by drivers throughout Europe. The brand's designers are committed to innovation and are boldly forward-thinking. As a result, the brand's logo tyres stand out for their properties.

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Vredestein Quatrac Pro EV Tyre warranty

  • The manufacturer ensures good quality and efficient operation of its tires when used as intended,
  • The warranty period is 3 years and is calculated from the date of purchase of the product or until the tire is completely worn out (depends on which comes first,
  • Warranty covers tires with defects in structure, materials and workmanship,
  • You will receive a new product if the product defect becomes apparent within the first year of use of the defective tire,
  • With a defect revealed after the first year of use of the defective tire, you will receive compensation in an amount depending on the wear of the advertised tires.