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Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season

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All season
E B 71 dB
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£ / pc. 91

Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season features

Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season is the successor of an iconic model that gained the trust of drivers across the world thanks to its remarkable attributes. The new version of this all-season series is almost entirely based on its predecessor, but it still manages to improve on all key performance characteristics for delivery vans.

Irreplaceable when in comes to high loads

The Vredestein Comtrac 2 model is entirely adapted to the needs of light commercial vehicles, which face high and uneven loads on a daily basis. The new, more rigid structure improves stability when driving under high loads by as much as 10% compared to its phenomenal predecessor. As a result, durability and reliability is improved – key characteristics for the transport of goods.

Modern rubber compound for more economical driving

Delivery cars must be efficient, reliable, but also economical. This is extremely important for business. A similar motto was used by the engineers behind the Vredestein Comtrac 2. Hence, the designers put significant focus on reducing rolling resistance forces. By using a cutting-edge rubber compound with an addition of high-quality silica, they managed to minimize loss of energy when driving. This allowed to reduce the rolling resistance forces by as much as 5% compared to the earlier model. This difference will have a tangible impact on your wallet.

Shorter braking distance by as much as 11.7 metres on wet surfaces

Although the model's predecessor achieved very good marks in this regard, the Vredestein Comtrac 2 managed to take braking performance to a whole new level. The wide blocks in the side section and circumferential grooves allowed to significantly reduce the braking distance in difficult rainy conditions. At the speed of 80 kph the improvement amounted to whopping 11.7 metres!

The Vredestein Comtrac 2 is a reliable, durable and economical premium-class tyre, entirely adapted to the challenges faced by delivery vehicles. Their high quality and detailed construction make it an optimal choice for year-round usage in the European climate.


The Vredestein is premium brand whose products stand out against the competition thanks to their unique look. However, attractive patterns are not the only selling points of this brand, which also ensures very good performance. While the winter models are especially popular among drivers, Vredestein also offers excellent summer and all-season products. Vredestein is owned by the Apollo Tyres enterprise, although its tyres have always been produced in its local factory in Enschede.

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E | B | 71 dB
195/65 R16 104 T £ 91 Buy

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Klasa oporu E Klasa hamowania B 71 dB

Vredestein Comtrac 2 All Season tests

2020 Auto Bild test in size: 235/65 R16 rating: satisfactory