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Kleber Quadraxer

Vehicle type:
All season
Rating: 119 reviews

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Kleber Quadraxer reviews

Summary: 4.0 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 119 reviews

  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on car running costs. 4.0
  • Comfort: Influence of the tyre on driving comfort. 3.8
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 4.1

119 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 26 people
  • 4 78 people
  • 3 11 people
  • 2 2 people
  • 1 2 people

91% of users recommend this tyre


We have been collecting information about this tyre for 4441 days. In that time we have received 119 reviews.
The total distance driven by our customers is 1007000 miles.

The highest rated parameter is: the grip on a dry surface.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually in the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

Reviews per page:

  • Opinion from outside the UK

    Size: 225/45 R17

    Rating: 2.4
    Unfortunately, this tyre was suggested by quite good opinions and I recently bought a set from the 35th week of 2015. I use a car with 1.6 engine and 115HP, so a regular city car and unfortunately I was seriously disappointed with the first 200 kilometers. I took off old used summer tyres that did not have tread anymore, put on Quadraxers and had an unpleasant surprise. Wet surface at 8 degrees C - wheel boxing, very stressful cornering because you feel on the steering wheel that the tyre is always showing signs that it is on the border of grip where a worn old summer tyre stuck to the road. 12 degrees C and absolutely dry surface - where on an old tyre I could do slalom now, a quick lane change maneuver at a speed of 50-60km / h ends up dropping the car and turning on the track control system. Tragedy. The tyres are quiet up to 140km / h, on the highway when exceeding 140km / h a siren sounds, which lasts up to about 155km / h. Ok, you can drive them on the highway at the prescribed speed, but it is not recommended. Now, tens of thousands of kilometers await me in light stress because for the second time I would not buy these tyres and recommend it to anyone. The worst thing is that the tyre cannot be trusted in an emergency (sudden change of lane). I DO NOT RECOMMEND. They are suitable for urban rolling behind elderly in Skoda cars.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK

    Size: 185/60 R14

    Rating: 4.5
    I warmly welcome. Every day I cover a distance of 100 km so in a few points I will share my opinion on these tyres. 1. When it comes to rolling resistance / noise / I recommend. 2. Positive temperature on a dry surface equals very safe driving 3. Negative temperature on a dry surface equals safe driving 4. The tyre suppresses unevenness on the roads very well. As for driving when we have snow outside the window A) little snow this year but when it appeared I was pleasantly surprised. The car keeps on the road, the anti-slip system works well with these tyres B) riding in a city in slush or out of town is 5+ 5. CAUTION regarding wet driving A) I noticed that the tyre behaves very differently on different asphalt surfaces B) it is so that when it rains or is wet the tyre holds the track but sometimes it can really unpleasant surprise. Tyres mounted on the drive axle slip in a curve. C) braking really at a distance from the vehicles ahead. My rating: 5+ with care how we drive on wet roads

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  • Opinion from outside the UK

    Size: 195/65 R15

    Rating: 4.4
    I've been driving on these tyres for almost half a year and I'm very happy. I bought them before the winter season so I can mainly say how they worked in difficult autumn and winter conditions. They stick very well in the snow, they drive great, they stick around the bends like winter tyres, and I had the opportunity to go crazy on side roads. Braking in the snow - stunning. it's great in snowdrifts, no problem to leave. On wet surfaces, I didn't notice any problems, but I didn't particularly check their possibilities, I didn't notice the aquaplaning effect. On dry surfaces, of course, perfectly, the tyres are very quiet. I think it's a great purchase for an all-season tyre, very good price-performance ratio and quality. The most important thing is that I feel safe because I know that in all conditions the tyre will do its job, no matter if it is snowing or raining, and I do not have to worry about whether to change the tyre to summer / winter or not.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK

    Size: 185/65 R14

    Rating: 3.7
    I've been riding on these tyres for almost half a year and so far I have rated them as very good. Until the end I wasn't sure whether to buy them because different opinions are circulating about all-seasons, but it is also mainly from vulcanization plants. Well, because if someone has all-season tyres, the plant loses a little, although not quite, because I believe that once in a while during the year you have to drive up to balance the wheels regardless of what car you have and what tyres are on. Now for tyres. They hold the road well and both starting and braking flawlessly, as well as while driving, also well on the road. However, I emphasize that they are used in Quattro so for such a car I have no objections for the summer-autumn period. As for the behavior in winter, I can not comment yet, but I think that as from other opinions it follows and I will not have any objections. I recommend buying.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK

    Size: 185/65 R14

    Rating: 4.4
    Contrary to reviews of tyre factories, the all-season tyre is a very good solution for most users. The seasonal change is passing away and no conditions will surprise us. Most people are afraid of snow. All-season tyres really ride like winter tyres - zero stress. The only difference is that on wet rides like on average summer - it's really good, but e.g. dunlop sp sport bluresponse in the rain are better, but this is a different class of tyres. It does not change the fact that with a clear conscience I can recommend these tyres to everyone who does not pretend to be a racer ;) after 7000km they looked like new. They worked well on the highway at a continuous speed of 140-160 and on snow. If you have to buy medium class summer and medium winter it is really worth taking all-season - there will be no difference, and cheaper and more convenient

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Reviews per page:

Kleber Quadraxer features

Kleber Quadraxer is an all-season mid-range tyre which offers superb performance in both winter and summer. It features a directional tread pattern which offers fast dispersal of both water and slush, with wide grooves that rapidly eliminate moisture so that the tyre dries out quickly and efficiently.

The flexible rubber compound increases the area of contact between the tyre and the road, improving grip and driving safety. The compound's characteristics alter according to the temperature, which means that it provides optimum softness in winter but the necessary hardness in summer, as well as protection against rapid wear. The tyre delivers outstanding handling on slippery roads thanks to the clearly defined tread blocks and heavily siped central rib. The wide transverse circumferential channels with blades reduce braking distances on both dry and wet roads. The Kleber Quadraxer delivers a precise and comfortable driving experience thanks to the sturdy and rigid tread blocks and wide central rib, which ensure that the ideal line is always followed and the tyre responds to the driver's movements rapidly and without interruption. The model is the ideal solution for any driver looking for an all-season tyre which offers not only cost-effective and balanced performance on any road surface, but also driving comfort and pleasure.

Kleber is a French-owned brand which has been present on the market since 1910. It produces mid-range tyres notable for their outstanding value for money, safety and cost-effectiveness. Kleber currently belongs to the Michelin Group and is the sixth largest-selling brand in Europe. The summer, winter and all-season tyres which leave the production lines in Kleber's manufacturing facilities are intended for both passenger cars and vans, and the French company's tyres are fitted as original equipment in Renault vehicles.

Kleber Quadraxer tests

2013 Auto Bild test in size: 195/65 R15 rating: sufficient