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Falken Azenis FK510 SUV

Vehicle type:

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Falken Azenis FK510 SUV reviews

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Pezzi Mauro

    Size: 215/55 R18

    Rating: 4.2 111120
    In general, they feel good. the only negative thing compared to the previous ones, Continentals, is the fact that they are noisier in normal city streets, other than motorways.

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  • Nick

    Size: 315/35 R20

    Rating: 4.0 11110
    Very good all round tyres, I will be buying a new set all round of these when the time comes

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  • Robert

    Size: 315/35 R20

    Rating: 5.0 11111
    I am very happy with that tyres

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Falken Azenis FK510 SUV features


Falken Azenis FK510 SUV summer tyres are intended for SUVs with powerful engines. They are perfect for drivers who prefer a dynamic driving style. The product is classified in the medium class.


Falken Azenis FK510 SUV has one of the most advanced asymmetric treads. Therefore, during installation it requires attention to the marks located on the side of the tyre (INSIDE/OUTSIDE).

The tread is divided by four deep and wide grooves which are starting points for shallower draining grooves. The blade-shaped tread sipes push water from under the wheels and thus, prevent the risk of aquaplaning. With the notches on the tread blocks, the tyre maximises the tyre/surface contact area. An important role is also played by the rubber compound, prepared in the 4D Nano technology, which ensures high durability and distinctive properties.

The asymmetric tread is characterised by a high grip on any surface. Its external part is responsible for maximum driving stability on dry surfaces. It allows for smooth and safe cornering as well as efficient and dynamic driving, also on heated roadways. The internal tread performs best on wet surfaces. This part of the tyre is responsible for water drainage from under the crown ply and automatic drying while driving. Driving with Falken Azenis FK510 SUV is quiet and comfortable.

Information on the manufacturer:

Falken Azenis FK510 SUV is the result of exceptional care for high quality in a budget product made by the Japanese Falken. The objective of the company, founded in 1983, was to promote durable, reliable and safe UHP tyres on the American market. The company succeeded and became popular among the drivers searching for cheap products with high performance.

Falken Azenis FK510 SUV tests

2020 Gute Fahrt test in size: 215/50 R18 3. place rating: very good