Top 10 cheap winter tyres that are worth buying


For many drivers, the right winter tyres are vital. After all, they provide excellent grip during the tough winter weather, while also providing strong braking parameters on wet surfaces as well.

However, not every driver has a big allowance to spend on these sorts of tyres. So, with this in mind, what sort of cheap winter tyres are available? To help drivers out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best products and winter tyre deals. All of these products are cheap winter tyres for sale in our online store.

Of course, our prices are looking at a full set of 4 tyres. You should always have winter tyres fitted on all wheels, rather than just the front or rear axle. As for spare tyres, not every car has the room for a full tyre, often using a “space saver” tyre instead. If you want, you can also buy a 5th tyre to use as a spare, whether it’s stored in the car or in your garage, but this will be an extra cost you need to consider.

1. Nankang Snow Viva 2 - Prices from £32 per tyre (£128 for 4)

A directional winter tyre, the Nankang Snow Viva 2 is a great choice for drivers looking for save driving and reliable control from their vehicle. This product also excels in strong grip and short braking distances.
A key part of this Nankang tyre’s design is the four circumferential grooves which, combined with its series of grooves and sipes, ensure water repulsion and high levels of grip on otherwise slippery road conditions.


Buy Naknang Snow Viva 2

This product has been very well received by our drivers, as made evident in their reviews. According to user the tyres “have proven themselves in all conditions. In the dry they are ok, but in wet snow, slush they have performed very well”. Another driver, Jm Witts, found the product to be a “very good tyre for the money” as it offers “extra confidence in the winter weather”.

Another user added that “If you want to safely and comfortably travel at speeds of motorway these tires are for you”, further commenting that the Nankang Snow Viva 2 is “value for money - perfect”.

2. Dębica Frigo 2 - Prices from £31 per tyre (£124 for 4)

The Dębica Frigo 2 tyre is a great option for coping with severe winter conditions. Thanks to its complex system of sipes, this model offers great water repulsion, braking distances and control. This helps reduce the risk of skidding and other sudden movements.
This tyre has been well received by various experts and organisations. In 2009, it was well received in a test of 175/65 R14 tyres by, where it was praised for its good conditions on wet surfaces and resistance to aquaplaning. In 2010, it won the “best performance on snow” in a test of 195/65 R15 tyres and, the year after, in 2011, it was awarded “best on snow”.


Buy Dębica Frigo 2 winter tyres

Drivers, likewise, have also found the Dębica Frigo 2 to be a very worth while product. According to one user, these are “great tyres for the heavy road conditions” and “splendid tyres if you have an older car and you live in the place where roads in winter are not always kept in good condition”.

According to another review, this is a “very good winter tyre” as it “does well on ice,perfectly both on the snow and in mud” as well as offering low attrition. Overall, users note that these tyres last a long time, offer safe driving and have very little tread wear.

3. Sava Eskimo S3+ - Prices from £33 per tyre (£132 for 4)

If you’re looking for a tyre that works well with powerful cars, yet still comes in under budget, the Sava Eskimo S3+ has plenty to offer. This is a very popular product, as it offers excellent traction, precision driving and grip on wet surfaces.
Thanks to its specialised rubber compound, this tyre maintains its shape and performance at cold temperatures. This ensures a large contact patch, while the optimal, directional tread pattern helps to lower rolling resistance and offer an economic product in terms of fuel consumption.


Buy Sava Eskimo S3+

This tyre has also been highly praised by drivers, driving in both city and rural environments. As one owner writes, the tyre is “for me a very good tyre in all conditions and especially not afraid to drive in the rain”.

Other users also praised the tyre, stating that it offered great behaviour “on snow-covered roads, in slush and on the ground (dirt roads)” as well as the fact “they also offer an advantageous quality / price”. All in all, drivers have found these tyres to hold up in a variety of weather conditions, offering excellent value for money along the way.

4. Barum Polaris 3 - Prices from £29 per tyre (£116 for 4)

If you’re looking for good grip and traction properties, the Barum Polaris 3 has a lot to offer. While it still offers excellent grip in a variety of conditions, these tyres also have a high mileage (due to low tread wear) and reduced rolling resistance. This makes them a great choice for people who want to maintain a low fuel consumption rate.
This tyre performs excellently on snow, thanks to its complex pattern of sipes, as well as its ‘snow catcher’ design, which keeps snow in the grooves. This allows the tyre to operate efficiently in snow-heavy environments.


Buy Barum Polaris 3 winter tyres

Overall, the Barum Polaris 3 has been well received by drivers. According to one user, these products offer a “dry very quiet ride even on bold tyres. With these tyres the car is literally glued to the asphalt. I have no fear that I can lose traction with these tyres.”

Other driver reviews also praised the Barum tyre’s winter performance,claiming that “on the snow the Barum Polaris 3 is sensational, no problems with going up the hill” and that, in dry conditions, the tyre is still “very good”.

5. Dębica Frigo HP2 - Prices from £45 per tyre (£180 for 4)

The Dębica Frigo HP2 is similar to the aforementioned Dębica Frigo 2 tyre. Just like the Frigo 2, the high performance variant still offers excellent grip in winter conditions. The HP2 is also optimised to provide less rolling resistance, helping to provide a fuel efficient option that can still cope on a variety of wet, snow and ice covered surfaces.

This product uses a complex, directional tread design with large central blocks, ensuring a solid contact patch with the road. It also has plenty of sipes and circumferential grooves, helping to provide excellent water repulsion, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.


Buy Dębica Frigo HP2

Users have also been highly appreciative of this snow tyre and it has proved very popular. According to one review, there is “no difference” between this budget winter tyre and higher end products, offer than the price.

6. Accelera X-Grip Snow - Prices from £38 per tyre (£152 for 4)

Another directional winter tyre, the Accelera X-Grip Snow features a directional tread, incorporated a specialised series of grooves along its edges. This ensures plenty of grip and precise driving, even when during faster speeds.

Thanks to its numerous features, this Accelera tyre provides short braking distances and a safe level of driving across a variety of winter services. Thanks to its specialised rubber compound, the tyre itself also survives well in the cold weather, ensuring precise control.


Buy Accelera X-Grip Snow

In their reviews, our drivers have praised this tyre’s ability to cope with the toughest of weather conditions. One motorist, UpIntHills, stated: “Handling and braking on snow/ice/slush is unbelievably better than summer tyres. While traffic was crawling along at 5mph, I was driving around them at almost normal speeds - people must have thought I was mad.”

Other users also found this product to offer excellent quality for its attractive pricing. According to Flannery: “been great in the cold frosty mornings and on wet roads no issues with grip spot on at all times. Wear doesn't seem to be too bad hasn't lost any tread yet in the 2000 miles with driven with them a highly recommended tyre at a great price.”

7. Kumho I’ZEN KW23 - Prices from £33 per tyre (£132 for 4)

Although it is a medium class tyre, the Kumho I’ZEN KW23 is one of the cheapest in its category, making it an ideal choice for your budget winter tyre purchase. Thanks to its directional tread design, this product delivers excellent control and precision on various slippery and wet surfaces, offering protection against skidding.

This tyre comes with a deep tread, helping to improve its lifespan and ensure that it maintains its unique parameters for as long as possible. The Kumho I’ZEN KW23 also uses a range of both circumferential and peripheral channels, ensuring an efficient rate of water expulsion and protection from aquaplaning.


Buy Kumho I’ZEN KW23

This tyre is also well received by many drivers. One such customer, M Whitehead, remarked that the Kumho tyres “have performed well in cold, ice, front and light snow conditions. Also pleased and almost surprised at how reasonable they are in the dry, on a mild day.”

Other users of this tyre were keen to point out that it “absorbs bumps well” and is a “very good tyre for the price paid”. Over all, these tyres have received plenty of praise and seem to perform well both in city environments and over rougher road surfaces.

8. Matador MP54 Sibir Snow - Prices from £33 per tyre (£132 for 4)

Another budget directional winter tyre, the Matador MP54 Sibir Snow, the directional design incorporates regular grooves along the sides, offering excellent protection against aquaplaning and skidding.

Alongside its strong grip, this tyre offers a decent parameters in both wet and dry conditions, including snow and slush.


Buy Matador MP54 Sibir Snow

Of the reviews posted, the Matador MP54 Sibir Snow has only received positive feedback. One driver believes the tyre is good for “use in extreme situations” and is also “unrivaled on wet and snow” conditions. This is supported by another review, which starts the tyres “excel on both dry and snow” surfaces.

9. BFGoodrich G-Force Winter - Prices from £45 per tyre (£180 for 4)

A popular winter model, the BFGoodrich G-Force Winter is an economy class tyre with a directional tread design. It is designed to ensure safe driving throughout winter, especially when on wet road surfaces or driving on snow.

This model has an increased surface area, to offer maximum grip and cope well on uneven surfaces. This also ensures the control, handling and stability of the vehicle stay consistent. The shoulders also feature wide grooves, designed to both offer strong grip on wet roads and help with water expulsion.


Buy BFGoodrich G-Force Winter

This tyre has seen plenty of use among our drivers, who actively report back with positive experiences. According to one review, the tyres were “on snow, ice and slush, one of the best tyres I've had”. Another driver even said the BFGoodrich tyre is a “good choice for use here in the Scottish highlands”, a strong sign of its adaptive capabilities.

Other users have also had a positive experience with this product. One driver noted “the tyre is 100% recommendable”, while one review stated “I do not have any problems with the tyres throughout the winter”. Clearly, the BFGoodrich G-Force Winter tyre is a product that can be readily counted on for winter driving.

10. Nexen Winguard Sport - Prices from £37 per tyre (£148 for 4)

An asymmetrical winter tyre, the Nexen Winguard Sport is designed for sporty cars and more dynamic driving. This is supported through the tread design, which features four circumferential canals to help ensure strong adhesion to the road.

The asymmetric design also helps improve traction and the level of grip applied during turns, on both wet and snow-covered roads. Alongside a high resistance to wear, this tyre copes with a more dynamic driving style in various winter conditions.


Buy Nexen Winguard Sport

This strong adaptability across numerous road surfaces has also been experienced by many of our drivers. According to one user, R3TRicambio: “On wet cold roads you can pull away without the wheels spinning up, in the ice and snow it’s now a dream to drive.”

Another driver, S.Taylor stated: “I was very surprised by just how well they grip on snow and ice. I drove just over 10000 miles on these over the winter period in the UK and there was still plenty of tread on them when I switched over to summer tyres.”

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Now you’ve found the right cheap winter tyre for you, all you need to do is buy them in the right tyre size for your car. You can do this by looking up the right tyres by vehicle, using your license plate registration number or, if you know your existing size, use our tyre size calculator for alternative options.
We sell plenty of cheap winter tyres and, if you don’t want to install them yourself, we can help you get your tyres fitted at our partnering garages and stations.
So, as we head into the cold months, now you can buy budget winter tyres in our store and still get some great quality products that will keep you safe on the wet roads this year.

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