Test of Summer Tyres 2013 size 195/65 R15 V - what tyres should I buy

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Summer will soon come upon us, and necessity to change the tyres comes along. Have you already chosen what to purchase for your car? A test of summer tyres conducted by a popular magazine "Auto Bild" will help you.

The test in which, 15 tyre models were tested. Most of them belong to the premium class, but you will also find tyres of middle and economic class there. Tyres were tested on VW Golf VI.

Before the test outcome is provided we would like to describe what the characteristics of particular tyre classes are and what the dependence between them is. It's good to get familiar with tyre classes before settling for one. It will help you to better adjust selected tyres to your driving style and to your car's possibilities.


Dunlop Sport BluResponse - the best tyre in this test.

Tyres of the higher class.

Tyres that belong to the higher class (premium) are designed for demanding drivers. Their construction and quality makes them reliable in each situation a driver may encounter on a road. They will prove to be excellent in both long distance driving, and in every day’s civic environment. The tyres of the higher class ensure the maximum safety in dangerous situations, e.g. in case of passing an unexpected obstacle, or during sudden braking.

Tyres of the higher class are the best tyres on the market. Manufacturers spend most funding  for research and development of premium class tyres. Tyres of this class have the latest rubber compounds, innovative treads and their production is based on the most advanced technologies. The high class is the flagship of each manufacturer, which is why we obtain the highest quality a given manufacturer has to offer when we decide to buy tyres from this class.

That's the reason why the tyres of this class have the best results in tyre tests.
High class tyres are designed for mid-range cars, luxury cars, sports cars and others of high power. These are tyres that can control the performance of mentioned cars.

Who are premium class tyres intended for?

If you drive a lot, you enjoy aggressive driving style, and you expect tyres to guarantee safe driving under any conditions and/or you are the owner a high power car, then these tyres are just for you.

Premium class tested in:

• Dunlop Sport BluResponse (1st position in the test),
• Michelin Energy Saver + (2nd),
• Nokian Line (4th),
• Vredestein Sportrac 5 (5th),
• Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance (6th),
• Pirelli Cinturato P1 (7th),
• Yokohama AC02 C.drive2 (8th),
• Bridgestone Turanza T001 (10th),
• Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 (12th).


Fulda EcoControl HP successfully competes with high class tyres.

Middle class tyres

Middle class tyres are designed for drivers who require the tyres to be above average. These tyres are characterized by the best ratio between quality and price.

Tyres of this group can be safely mounted on rims of all cars - from FSM cars, through the middle class cars, to the highest class cars. They will prove themselves in variety of conditions and places of usage. As the name suggests their performance is slightly lower than premium class tyres, and better than economic class tyres.

It is an important tyre segment for manufacturers due to their high popularity among customers. The manufacturers' efforts in this segment allow customers to obtain good quality at a relatively low price.

Who are medium-class tyres intended for?

If you are looking for tyres for everyday use in a variety of conditions, of high quality, at a good price, then middle class tyres are just for you.

Middle class tyres tested:

• Fulda EcoControl HP (3rd position in the test),
• Kumho Solus KH17 (9th),
• Hankook K425 Eco Kinergy (11th),
• Uniroyal RainExpert (13th).


Sava Intensa HP - popular tyres of an economic class.

The economic class tyres

The economic class tyres combine a very attractive price with good quality. This tyre class models are based on previous and proven technologies, which were originally used in premium class tyres.

The economic class tyres are to be functional in daily use. This type of tyre models is based on the best solutions, therefore it is hard to find modern and innovative tread among them. The economic class tyres prove themselves in civic environment mounted in lower and middle class cars. This class is intended for people who look for cheaper solutions. Tyres of this class are the most efficient in a calm ride with low mileage monthly.

Who are economic class tyres intended for?

If you do not drive many thousands of kilometres monthly, you drive mainly in a city, and you appreciate calm driving, then the economic class tyres are designed for you.

Economic class tyres tested in:

• Sava Intensa HP (14th position in the test),
• Viking Protech II (15th).


Tested tyres were mounted in  VW Golf VI (photo. VW).

Test results

Place Model Tyre class Description, and internet users' opinions on them.
1. Dunlop Sport BluResponse Premium Dunlop Sport BluResponse - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
2. Michelin Energy Saver + Premium Michelin Energy Saver + - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
3. Fulda EcoControl HP Medium Fulda EcoControl HP - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
4. Nokian Line Premium not available
5. Vredestein Sportrac 5 Premium Vredestein Sportrac 5 - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
6. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Premium Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
7. Pirelli Cinturato P1 Premium Pirelli Cinturato P1 - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
8. Yokohama AC02 C.drive2 Premium Yokohama AC02 C.drive2 - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
9. Kumho Solus KH17 Medium not available
10. Bridgestone Turanza T001 Premium Bridgestone Turanza T001 - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
11. Hankook K425 Eco Kinergy Medium Hankook K425 Eco Kinergy - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
12. Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 Premium Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
13. Uniroyal RainExpert Medium Uniroyal RainExpert - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
14. Sava Intensa HP Economic Sava Intensa HP - see at OPONEO.CO.UK
15. Viking Protech II Economic Viking Protech II - see at OPONEO.CO.UK

(Source of data: AutoBild).

See remaining models of summer tyres in the offer of OPONEO.CO.UK

Conclusions of the test

1. The test showed that, the best tyres of the middle class can perform as good as premium class tyres. As happened in the case of a model Fulda EcoControl HP, which occupied third position in the test.

2. Tests presented in this article were also confirmed: premium class tyres are characterized by the best performance, tyre of the middle class by the best ratio between quality and a price, whereas tyres that belong to the economic class are the best choice for calm driving in a city.

3. The five most recommended model from the test are:

• Dunlop Sport BluResponse,
• Michelin Energy Saver +,
• Fulda EcoControl HP,
• Nokian Line,
• Vredestein Sportrac 5.

There are slightly different results of another test of tyres in this size. In test of summer tyres ACE/GTÜ 2013 in size 195/65 R15 V won the same tyre (Dunlop Sport BluResponse), but the further positions were different.

It happened due to difference in testing methodology of AutoBild and ACE/GTU.

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