Summer tyres test 2016

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Find out which summer tyres you can buy if you want to travel safely, comfortably, and economically. Read here about the latest test results from ADAC.

The results of the current ADAC summer tyres test for 2016 will appear here shortly (probably at the beginning of March). Meanwhile, we invite you to take a look at the results of last year’s tests:

Other summer tyres tests

The ADAC tests are not the only tyre tests carried out. All major motoring organisations and many magazines run their own tests. You can find a summary of the most important of these in the article: Ranking of summer tyres for 2015.

To find out which tyres are most highly rated according to opinions posted by users, check the following links:

User tests of 205/55 R16 summer tyres for 2015
User tests of 195/65 R15 summer tyres for 2015
User tests of 175/65 R14 summer tyres for 2015


Ranking of most recommended summer tyres for 2015 – premium class
Ranking of most recommended summer tyres for 2015 – mid-range

To see the models most highly recommended by particular manufacturers, see the article: Manufacturers’ best summer tyres for 2015.

Tyres are tested in the most commonly encountered conditions (photo: Bridgestone).

 ADAC – more than just tyres tests

ADAC’s tyre tests have for many years been viewed as the most detailed and the most prestigious. In spite of the controversies that are sometimes associated with the publication of the results, their popularity shows no sign of waning. The ADAC organisation is one of the largest motor clubs in the world (second behind the American AAA), and it counts 17 million drivers and motorcyclists among its members.

 ADAC was founded in 1903, and so is now 116 years old. Its main activities include oversight and promotion of road transport, motor sports and tourism, and the protection and education of all road users.

ADAC also publishes motoring magazines, maps and atlases, runs a road assistance network, tests new vehicle models and child seats (as well as tyres), checks the safety of tunnels and ferries, and offers vehicle insurance. ADAC also runs centres that offer training in road traffic safety.

 This wide range of activity means that ADAC enjoys a high level of popularity all over the world.

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