ADAC 2018/2019 winter tyre tests

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Suitable winter tyres are one of the most important factors in regard to safety of drivers. In autumn, it is worth to begin searching for tyres that will assure you travel comfortably and confidently when the snow falls or the temperature drops suddenly.  Automotive organizations that regularly test popular models are helpful for those drivers who are indecisive.  The most prestigious are the studies of the German automobile club ADAC, the results are regularly published on our website.

The right tyres ensure safety when driving in winter conditions.

The right tyres ensure safety when driving in winter conditions.


What does ADAC do?

The German association has been involved in road safety for over 100 years and its test results are widely recognized as one of the most reliable.  Currently, ADAC is one of the largest organizations of this type in the world, already associating over 20 million members.

The automobile club is not solely interested in tyres. It also watches over the quality of the elements that affect the safety of travelers.  On the one hand, it examines crumple zones and recommends car seats for children, on the other hand it verifies the possibility of tunnels and the capacity of ferries.  The position of the association is so high that also new car models are consulted with specialists from its ranks.

ADAC is also an active promoter or motor traffic and automotive sports.  It publishes industry magazines, atlases and maps, as well as provides road assistance, thanks to which it is renowned worldwide.


See which models scored best in the ADAC 2018/2019 tests:

See what models scored best in ADAC 2017/2018 test

How to read the results of ADAC tests?

The purpose of the tests is to check whether the tyres are adapted to different weather conditions and guarantee the driver safety and comfort.

There are 8 parameters under the ADAC parameters:

  • performance on dry surface (15% of the total note),

  • performance on wet surface (30% of the total note),

  • performance on snow-covered surface (20% of the total note),

  • performance on ice-covered surface (10% of the total note),

  • noise emitted and driving comfort (5% of the total note),

  • fuel consumption (10% of the note),

  • lifespan (10% of the total note).

In each category a rating of 1 to 5 is given.


  Rating Note Interpretation


sehr gut

Very good

Not awarded




Recommended tyre




Recommended tyre




The tyre meets the basic requirements




Non-recommended tyre


When preparing the test results, ADAC pays particular attention to the overall tyre balance.  This means that the recommended model must receive good notes in all categories.  If some parameters are assessed very well, while others will be below standards, the tyres will not receive a positive opinion.

Interestingly, the organization assuming development of the tyre market currently does not give the highest, very good rating.  The maximum note is intended for a model that will be  created as a result of technological progress. Thanks to the additional step, the parameters of the innovative solution will be easily compared with the products available today.


Do you know that...

Manufacturers have no influence on the choice of models to be tested.  Tyres are selected based on the prevailing market situation.  The list includes both premium class tyres as well as those from a lower price range.  All items tested are purchased at public distribiution shops.


ADAC also deals with road assistance.

ADAC also deals with road assistance.


Where to find the test results?

If a model you are interested in is not in the ADAC ranking, check the results of reputable tests carried out by organizations such as AutoBil, AutoZeitung, Auto&Moto&Sport and Allard.  You can also look for information in publications from previous years or those regarding other sizes.

We regularly publish the results of ADAC tests and other prestigious automotive institutions on our website.  You can easily compare them with the opinions of our customers who have had the opportunity to put the tyres to the toughest tests.

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