If you are not sure which tyres would be the best for your car, check the results of ADAC tyre tests. Independent automotive organisations annually organise demanding tests to describe selected tyre models in detail. Check which tyre models have been tested and awarded by ADAC this year. You will certainly make the best decision!

Very often the organisation tests new products which have just entered the market. The results are often one of the first reviews of the model which, up to that point, is known only from ads and leaflets.

16 tyre models were subject to size 215/65 R16 H winter tyre tests. This size is very often installed on larger cars or SUVs, e.g., the Kia Sportage and Honda CR-V. However, remember that this size is not the only option for the above-mentioned cars. The selection of size depends on the manufacture year of the vehicle, its model, power, engine capacity and equipment.


If you are not sure which tyres are the most suitable for your car, check out our selection tool that will enable you to choose tyres for your vehicle.

New products from Bridgestone and Semperit did not participate in comparative tests as these products were not yet available at the time of testing.

General classification in the test:

  1. Dunlop Winter Sport 5
  2.  BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2
  3. Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1
  4. Nokian WR D4 
  5. Michelin Alpin 5
  6. Sava Eskimo HP2
  7. Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV
  8. Pirelli Scorpion Winter
  9. Fulda Kristall Control HP2
  10. Apollo Apterra Winter
  11.  Avon WV7
  12. Barum Polaris 3
  13. Uniroyal MS plus 77
  14. Hankook i*cept RS2 W452
  15. Firestone Destination Winter
  16. Nankang Snow SV-2

The best tyre models in individual categories:

Best grip on dry roads:Dunlop Winter Sport 5, Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen-1, Nokian WR D4, Michelin Alpin 5, Sava Eskimo HP2, Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV, Pirelli Scorpion Winter, Fulda Kristall Control HP2, Hankook i*cept RS2 W452, Nankang Snow SV-2
Best grip on wet roads:Dunlop Winter Sport 5, Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1, Michelin Alpin 5, Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV, Pirelli Scorpion Winter Fulda Kristall Control HP2, Avon WV7, Uniroyal MS plus 77
Best traction on snow:Dunlop Winter Sport 5, BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2, Nokian WR D4, Sava Eskimo HP2, Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV, Barum Polaris 3, Uniroyal MS plus 77, Hankook i*cept RS2 W452
Best grip on ice:Dunlop Winter Sport 5, BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2, Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1, Nokian WR D4 Michelin Alpin 5, Sava Eskimo HP2, Fulda Kristall Control HP2, Apollo Apterra Winter, Hankook i*cept RS2 W452, Firestone Destination Winter
Noise:Semperit Master-Grip 2
Fuel consumption:BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2, Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1
Wear resistance:BF Goodrich g-Force Winter, Michelin Alpin 5, Sava Eskimo HP2, Continental WinterContact TS 850 P SUV, Hankook i*cept RS2


The best 215/65 R16 H winter tyres according to ADAC

1. Dunlop Winter Sport 5

The best tyre in general classification was provided by Dunlop, which is associated with motor sports by many drivers. This association has its reasons. The Dunlop Winter Sport ensures the best operational parameters for owners of sporty cars who also want full performance in winter.

The Dunlop Winter Sport 5 is the successor to the very popular Winter Sport 4D, which was pre-installed on C-class Mercedes vehicles.

The new version of this popular model has a modern tread pattern made of the latest generation plastics. The tyre has wide grooves for water removal. They are responsible for maintaining the highest-level performance in winter.

See Dunlop Winter Sport 5

The system of sipes ‘biting’ into the winter surface is responsible for tyre grip, helping the car to pull away more smoothly and effectively assisting accelerating and stopping, even in very difficult conditions.

2. BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2

Second place on the podium was taken by BF Goodrich’s medium-class g-Force Winter 2. This winter proposition of the brand offers great performance which isn’t much different from premium products but is available at an attractive price.

The directional tread with densely arranged sipes is responsible for superb tyre adhesion when driving in the snow. The grooves effectively evacuate water from the tyre, so the components which have contact with the ground do not slip and assist efficient braking.

See BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2

This model is made of a high class rubber compound that provides adequate flexibility at low temperatures and is relatively light, reducing tyre rolling resistance.

3. Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1

Goodyear is a company which receives many awards in automotive tests organised by independent organisations. This is a good sign for loyal customers of this brand. New tyres are just as good or even better than previous models and the Goodyear brand is the best indicator of quality.

UltraGrip Performance G1 has deep circumferential grooves that are responsible for water removal, effectively preventing skidding in the rain or snow.

 Goodyear UltraGrip Performance G1

The tyre was developed with an environmental-friendly mix to achieve the minimum possible impact on the environment. Its lightweight design reduces rolling resistance, which influences fuel consumption.

Its directional tread with many grooves perfectly drains water and provides better protection against aquaplaning. The innovative tread design guarantees not only the highest driving comfort, but also slow and even wear. The tyre features everything that you expect from winter tyres.

How the tyres are tested?

Testing individual models is quite a complicated process. A single tyre is tested several times, each time to check a different feature. Each category has a specified importance.

The most important parameters taken into consideration:

  • grip on wet roads (30%)
  • performance on snow (20%)
  • behaviour on dry roads (15%)
  • driving on ice (10%)
  • wear (10%)
  • fuel consumption (10%)
  • noise emitted by tyre (5%)

Size, tread and class - what you should know before buying a tyre.

Tyre size – before you buy new tyres, check whether the tyres you currently have installed (on second-hand cars) meet the manufacturer's recommendations. You can find the relevant information, e.g., on the inside of the fuel filler flap. Remember that incorrectly selected tyre sizes may cause serious accidents and cause damage to your car.

Uniformity  – the best option is to mount the same tyres on each axle to provide driving comfort and a positive impact on driving parameters.

Tread design – for winter tyres, the most popular is the directional tread, which removes water and snow. However, if you opt for all-season tyres, you may spot many products with an asymmetrical pattern.

Opinions – when searching for the best product, take a look at the manufacturer's description, tyre label, test results and opinions of other users.  Remember that the choice of tyres depends on many factors, e.g., the type of your car, your annual mileage, the place of your residence and driving style.