ADAC winter tyre tests 2017/2018

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Winter is a challenging time for our cars. To make our cars safer, we have to equip them with the best tyres available. Check out the latest results of prestigious ADAC tests and select the perfect model for you!

In winter we need the best tyres available.

In winter we need the best tyres available.

The automotive industry recognises ADAC tests as one of the most prestigious and reliable. Every year this German automobile club analyses the tyres in a series of demanding tests and publishes results for two (sometimes three) tyre sizes. 

Find out which tyres obtained the best scores in ADAC tests for 2017/2018 and select the optimum solution for you:


Get a broader perspective and compare the results from tests for 2016/2017: 



You may ask why ADAC tests are globally considered as the most reliable? This organisation, which has more than 17 million official members, is the second largest association of this type in the world. First place is taken by AAA, an American giant of the automotive world. 

Based on over 100 years of experience, this organisation is involved mainly in the monitoring and promotion of safe road traffic, motor sports, new car models and accessories. 

ADAC tests check the adaptability of tyres to winter conditions.

ADAC tests check the adaptability of tyres to winter conditions.

The association checks the quality and safety of components crucial for user safety in vehicles and on the road. ADAC tests crumple zones, safety seats for children, passable tunnels and the capacity of ferries. 

The organisation publishes very popular automotive magazines, atlases and operates a network of roadside assistance. A wide range of competencies, rich experience and extensive technical facilities are the sources of respect and appreciation of all drivers, not just those from Europe.


What are the ADAC tests?

The tyres are tested in different categories to determine their suitability for the existing road conditions. The tests not only examine tyre behaviour on wet and dry roads, and on snow and ice, but also analyse noise emission, driving comfort and the impact of the tyre on fuel consumption. In each category, the tyre may obtain a score on a scale of 1-5:

1   -    Very good (sehr gut)

2   -    Good (gut)

3   -   Satisfactory (befriedigend)

4   -   Sufficient (ausreichend)

5   -   Poor (mangelhaft)

The first three categories are positive and recommend the tested product. A ‘sufficient’ grade assigned to tyres means that they meet basic requirements and may be safely operated. The last note strongly discourages using this product. For each tested feature a separate value is assigned, then they are summarised and presented as a consistent, reliable evaluation.

ADAC tests check the adaptability of tyres to winter conditions.

ADAC tests check the adaptability of tyres to winter conditions.

My tyres are not tested by ADAC, what should I do?

Every year, tyre manufacturers introduce dozens of products to the market. Not all the models are tested by ADAC. If your tyre has not been tested by this German organisation, we recommend that you:

  • Check tests conducted by other organisations, e.g., AutoBild, Autozeitung, Auto & Moto & Sport or Allrad. They analyse different tyre models and sizes. Thoroughly read at least few test reports to get a reliable assessment.

  • Find and read the results of previous ADAC tests. Your potential tyres could have been tested in previous test editions.

  • Visit profiled websites and read the opinions of users.

  • It is always advisable to visit and check the average ratings and comments for a given model.

Stay updated

Follow our website and regularly check updated results of best tests. ‘Ranking of winter tyres for 2017’ presents the results of tests carried out by trusted automotive associations. Avoid making random purchases. Check the best offers for the coming winter!

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