Fit the tyre to the rim

Do you know the correct selecting tyres for the rims has a huge impact on handling of your vehicle and your safety?

When it comes to safe driving, it is important that your tyre rim fits well with the wheel size on your vehicle. This is crucial for maintaining safe driving parameters. Similarly, you should also remember that the law requires wheels do not protrude past the body of the vehicle.

The best way to maintain this correlation is to stick with the recommended tyre sizes and wheel sizes by the vehicle’s manufacturer. That being said, slight differences in tyre rim size and width are acceptable. For example, for wheel rims 6 inches wide with a 15-inch diameter, you could fit products with a tyre size of 195/55 R15 or 205/55 R15, rather than the recommended 185/60 R15.

Of course, the diameter of the tyre and the wheel must stay the same. If the tyre dimensions or wheel size is incorrect, this can cause a loose fit and result in further damage. You should also keep in mind that using alternative tyres changes the driving properties of the car to some degree. This is because the contact patch between the tyre and the road has been altered.

If you already have wheels and you're looking for the right size tyres, our size matching tools can help. Our calculator will help avoid a situation wherein your brand new car tyres do not fit your car wheels - this will also prevent further damage to your vehicle.

You can find a suitable size tyres for the rims using our calculator, so that you'll quickly enjoy comfortable and safe driving.