Fit the rim to the tyre

Selecting right rims for tyres has crucial impact on handling of your vehicle and therefore it affects driving comfort and your safety.

When it comes to property fitting any car tyre, the right sized car rims are essential for maintaining high safety and other various driving properties of your vehicle. For example, tyres fitted on inappropriate wheel rims may slide off while driving. It is also important to remember that, by law, car wheels may not protrude beyond the body of the vehicle.

Ideally, tyres and rims should be selected in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, slight differences in width and wheel size are acceptable. For instance, if we use the tyre size of 205/55 R16 as an example, it is generally recommended to use a rim that is 6.5 inches wide  (the rim width is the first number given in the rim size marking). However, it would also be possible to fit this tyre onto a rim between 5.5 and 7.5 inches wide.

The diameter of the tyre and wheel must, of course, be the same. To ensure a smooth fit, the tyre sizes and wheel sizes must always match - if the tyre dimensions are too big or too small, this will ensure an incorrect fit and cause subsequent damage. Remember, however, that using alternatives options changes the driving properties to some degree, as it changes the contact area between the tyre and the road surface.

If you already have your car tyres and are looking for appropriate rims you can use the size matching tools on our website. These will help you avoid a situation wherein your brand new rims do not fit your existing tyres, as well as help to prevent unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

You can find a rim suitable for your tyre using our easy size calculator, so you can quickly get back to enjoying comfortable and safe driving.