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Bridgestone Turanza T005 DriveGuard

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£ / pc. 68

Bridgestone Turanza T005 DriveGuard features

Bridgestone Turanza 005 Drive Guard is a summer premium class tyre that has been designed to provide safety and full control in all, even the least-friendly conditions.

Safety. The use of DriveGuard technology is a milestone in improving road safety. The innovative solution allows you to drive up to 80 km with a speed of up to 80 km/h after puncturing the tyre. All thanks to durable and additionally reinforced side walls!

Excellent parameters. The new asymmetric tread pattern consists of large shoulder gaps and optimally spaced protrusions. Such design allows very efficient water drainage from under the tyres. Ecology. In addition, the reinforced, rigid design of the tyre guarantees comfortable driving and reduced rolling resistance. As a result, the car has lower fuel consumption and emits less CO2 into the atmosphere.

The latest technologies. The new rubber compound created using Nano Pro-Tech™ technology is characterized by an even distribution of the material molecules. The tyre is therefore rigid and resistant to extreme temperatures.

The Japanese manufacturer has been designing tyres continuously since 1931. The portfolio of the concern also includes other well-known brands, such as: Firestone, Peerless, Dayton, Road King, Seiberling or Gillette. The company has over 100 factories located around the world. Bridgestone provides premium class products that are characterized by superb workmanship, excellent parameters and high driving comfort.

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