Winter is slowly coming to an end and this month and we are in the first day of astronomical spring. This is the perfect time to look for new tyres for the summer season. It is worth considering the purchase carefully because summer tyres will provide your and your passengers' safety for the next six months. The range of choices on Oponeo is really vast, so we have prepared a ranking of the 185/65 R15 sizes best rated by our customers, which can help you make a decision.

Our overview relies on first-hand information. These are the opinions of those who bought from us and are testing the tyres every day, driving in various conditions on various types of roads. The discussed size 185/65 R15 is often found in popular passenger cars, such as Hyundai Elantra, Citroen C3 or Toyota Prius.

Summer is a time of long travels, therefore it is good to get good tyres.

Best summer tyres size 185/65 R15 according to Oponeo users

Tyre modelRating*
Uniroyal RainExpert 35,65
Continental EcoContact 65,65
Zeetex ZT10005,25
Firemax FM6015,1
Barum Bravuris 5HM5,1

*The scores are based on the average value of the reviews posted by users over time (for that specific size only) The data covers the period from 1 January 2020, to 1 January 2021. The score scale is from 1 to 6, with six being the highest possible score.

Uniroyal RainExpert 3

In this competition, the winner was Uniroyal RainExpert 3.

The tyre is sturdy and durable, and drives well for longer mileages. It has low rolling resistance, which saves fuel. The advanced tread pattern prevents aquaplaning. This is very important when driving on wet surfaces. In heavy rainfall, anti-skid protection is one of the tyre's key advantages. The model also provides a short braking distance, so that you can stop the car in time in an emergency, avoiding a collision with an obstacle or another vehicle.

This model's quality is confirmed by numerous opinions from our customers. 

User Anna wrote:

"The tyres perform very well on both dry and wet surfaces. The ride is very comfortable."

It was also assessed very positively by Greg:

"Compared to the previous ones, the tyres are great, there's a huge difference. No need for fear in the rain, you can start and stop without skidding. I recommend them to everyone."

Continental EcoContact 6

The next place was awarded to the renowned and appreciated Continental brand, which probably every driver has heard of.

The model is made of an advanced Green Chilli™ 2.0 rubber compound, which is responsible for high wear resistance. The design, on the other hand, ensures low rolling resistance, which translates into fuel economy while driving. The tread pattern ensures good grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Thanks to the innovative geometry of shoulder grooves, it perfectly drains the water, reducing the risk of skidding. These features directly improve road safety.

Marcin A give the highest score, adding:

"They look great on the rims, have an impact on the car's combustion, are very quiet, they hug the road well."

User WP has a similar opinion:

"Very good tyres, good grip both on dry and wet surfaces, high driving comfort, and low fuel consumption, I recommend them!"

KN also gave the highest possible score, writing:

"The tyres are perfect for both urban and road conditions. I highly recommend it."

Zeetex ZT1000

The next place in the ranking of the most recommended tyres is taken by Zeetex ZT1000. The model is made by a brand from the economic segment from the United Arab Emirates and enjoying an established position in the sector. The company owes its success to good quality products and affordable prices.

The product stands out with its advanced, asymmetrical tread, which ensures optimal grip in dry conditions and very good water drainage when driving on wet surfaces. It protects against hydroplaning, and with its high durability and quiet operation, it allows for comfortable driving over long distances. This is a tyre that combines low price with good quality. It is a very good choice for people on a budget.

It receives high praise from drivers - Martha wrote: 

"The tyres perform perfectly on any surface. I highly recommend them."

User AnnaN also commented on the tyre positively:

"Tyres of very good quality, they grip the road well, even in difficult weather. They even pass the test when braking sharply. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM."

Firemax FM601

Another tyre worth noting is the Firemax FM601. It is a product of a Chinese manufacturer that makes tyres not only for passenger cars but also for trucks and buses.

The model has an asymmetric tread pattern. Its inner side provides effective water drainage and good handling on wet surfaces. The outer section helps with cornering, ensuring stability and good grip.

It is worth noting that the applied solutions also allowed reducing the noise level generated while driving. This translates into greater comfort, especially at higher speeds.

User Max wrote in their opinion:

"The tyres are very good for the price, they hug the road well. I also have no objections when it comes to braking."

Alec was equally pleased:

"Very good tyres at a reasonable price. I use them for commuting (around 50 km daily) - the tyres perform very well."

Barum Bravuris 5HM

Our last proposal is a Barum tyre, whose founders have been operating in the industry for over 70 years. Such a long presence on the market would not be possible without the customers' trust and the good quality of the products offered.

The Bravuris 5HM tyre is made of the HighMileage compound, thus offering a very low rolling resistance. It is a good choice for those who travel a lot. It also has a specially designed tread pattern that distributes stress over the entire surface. With this, it reduces the pressure on individual points, reducing wear and extending the service life.

A user signed as Andrew expressed their satisfaction with the purchase:

"I have had Barum tyres for several months now and I am very pleased with them, especially with their very quiet run for the price. I highly recommend them."

The tyre was also positively assessed by the person behind the pseudonym Giena, who praises its driving performance:

"They hold well on both dry and wet surfaces, are quiet, and have low rolling resistance. Comfortable and pleasant to drive."

How to pick the right tyres?

The tyres listed in our ranking are appreciated by drivers. Their quality is therefore confirmed, which may make your decision easier regarding the purchase of a specific model. This is not the final determinant, however, as much depends on one's preferences. So if you are still considering options, you will need some advice.

When choosing a model for yourself, it is worth using a tyre comparison tool. It compiles specific products, which allows for a convenient comparison their parameters and prices. This solution makes it much easier to make a decision.

Tests organized by recognized websites, magazines, and automotive organizations are also a very important aspect. Tyres are rigorously checked and the best ones are found among them.

Also, pay attention to the labels. Manufacturers provide information on the most important properties such as wet braking, noise emissions and rolling resistance.

All of these models, plus hundreds of others, you can find on the Oponeo website. An additional convenience is the option of delivery with assembly, which means that your new tyres will be delivered to a specific workshop, which will fit them on your wheels.