Buying a new set of tyres is usually a hard nut to crack. The more models on the market, the harder it is to decide on a specific one. Other drivers' opinions come to your aid, making it easier for many confused people to make the right decision. Which tyres in size 155/80 R13 have been rated best by Tyre customers? We checked it out!  

Drivers are happy to share their thoughts on the tyre they have purchased. In their opinions, we will find what will be of most interest to potential users, such as performance on wet, snowy or dry surfaces, tread wear, combustion, or the overall driving experience or after a specific number of kilometres.

Due to difficult road conditions, many drivers have high demands on winter tyres.

Best 155/80 R13 tyres by driver*

Our list includes winter models in size 155/80 R13 best rated by drivers. They fit the following passenger cars: Chevrolet Aveo, Fiat Panda, Ford Escort, Honda Civic, Mazda 323, Vauxhall Astra, Seat Ibiza, Toyota Corolla, VW Jetta, Scirocco.

ModelAverage rating          
Dębica Frigo 25,35
Uniroyal MS Plus 775,35
Hankook i*cept RS W4425,3
Barum Polaris 55,15
Imperial Snowdragon HP5,1

* The ranking was created on the basis of ratings awarded by Oponeo customers between January 2019 and October 2020. A scale from 1 to 6 was valid. The ranking included models that had obtained the minimum number of ratings required. The results shown in our shop may differ from those included in the list, the ratings shown only apply to tyres in size 155/80 R13.

Dębica Frigo 2

This is one of the well-known models in the offer of the Polish manufacturer. Its good driving properties are mainly due to the rubber-silica mixture used, as well as the tread pattern, which together perfectly cope with road conditions in winter. Drivers do not have to worry about lack of grip on wet or snowy surfaces, as this is guaranteed by densely placed sipes. It is thanks to the increased number of sipes that the contact area with the road has been improved, so the car literally "sticks" to the road, regardless of the rainfall. The tread of Dębica Frigo 2 also has circumferential and transverse grooves that drain water and mud to the outside, so they do not stick to the surface of the tyre, eliminating loss of stability and contamination of the tyre.

The designers also focused on shortening braking distances and preventing aquaplaning.

Our customers riding the Dębica Frigo 2 model see the potential in it and they agree that the price goes hand in hand with the guaranteed quality and the manufacturer's promises are justified.

Tyres are simply BEST! Dry, wet or slippery surfaces make no difference at all. The car always keeps to the road. The tyre has a very good tread shape and height, and is large compared to other tyres, which affects its life. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND FRIGO 2! Peter Armstrong

The tyres have been tested under various conditions, whether it was raining and then freezing, or in snow or on very wet surfaces. I have been using them for two months and I am very pleased. Jessie

Uniroyal MS Plus 77

On our list, the second position is taken by a model from Uniroyal collection. It is a manufacturer famous for making "rain" tyres, so naturally MS Plus 77 is one of them.

Good performance in the theoretically most demanding months is due to the special tread design and the silica rubber compound, which will guarantee safe driving and prevent slipping. It is worth noting that the tyres have large shoulder blocks. They are responsible for stable handling - also on bends - when there is a wet surface under the wheels. The MS Plus 77 also has small grooves and specially adapted beams, so you will not lose grip in rainy weather. 

In addition, the wide ducts drain any precipitation so that the car can be driven safely. The larger contact area with the ground prevents aquaplaning, which can be dangerous especially in difficult winter conditions. The braking distance has also been shortened to minimise the risk of unpleasant driving situations.

Uniroyal MS Plus 77 has been awarded many times in tests, receiving some of the best marks. What do Oponeo customers think about it?

Great tyres at a good price. I had a summer Uniroyale Rain Expert in my previous car and I was so happy with it that I decided to buy winter tyres from this manufacturer. I wasn't disappointed - they are reliable, I feel safe on both dry and wet roads. There were not many opportunities to test them on snow and ice this winter, but they also seem to be excellent in these conditions. I give a small negative for the volume, but it is not bad. I was aware of that when I bought them. To sum up, these are very fine, recommended tyres. Dave Atkinson

I have been driving for 30 years. I have had different cars and different tyres. My work often requires me to get to the customer quickly, no matter what the road conditions are. I recommend these tyres with full accountability. They are ideal for rain and mud conditions. Aggressive tread and wide drainage ducts do the job. I make corners on these tyres at higher speeds than on my predecessors. The important thing is that the price of these tyres does not go downhill.  So far, I consider these tyres to be the best in this price segment. Sam Bailey

Hankook i*cept RS W442

The first three are made up of a model from the Korean manufacturer's offer. It will guarantee even better performance of the cars during everyday winter driving, especially when this time of year is more rainy than freezing.

Hankook i*cept RS W442 is an example of a reliable, economical and durable tyre. The modern compounds used in the production process and the well thought-out design of the directional tread are responsible for these features. Drivers do not have to worry about the lack of water drainage from the front of the tyre. The V-shape groove pattern is excellent in this respect. The car drives with confidence, regardless of road conditions, and the risk of loss of grip and aquaplaning is reduced.

The Korean manufacturer's tyres also have low rolling resistance, which will reduce fuel consumption, and this will affect not only the driver but also the environment. With Hankook i*cept RS W442 we can save a lot of money, and less harmful carbon dioxide will penetrate the atmosphere.

How do users assess the model?

I sincerely recommend tyres, the car behaves very well in all weathers, also the terrain is not a problem, and the mountain man says so! The price is also decent. Barbara Brown-Johnson

Very good value for the money, I recommend. They work well in extreme conditions. Patrick Baker

Barum Polaris 5

Once again, customers have distinguished a tyre belonging to the economic class which, despite belonging to this sector, stands out from the competition with good performance. Barum Polaris 5, because it is a Czech-made tyre, appropriately upgraded to guarantee even better driving characteristics than the previous version of Polaris 3.

The brand's engineers have focused on proven solutions - which is worth emphasizing - used in higher classes. These include the rubber mixture used, which has been enriched with silica for greater strength and resistance to various temperatures. Nevertheless, a favourable price was kept in order not to burden the drivers' budget significantly.

Barum Polaris 5 has a directional tread and three-dimensional sipes, which are particularly effective in the wet. Firstly, they channel water to the outside of the tyre and secondly, they effectively protect against aquaplaning to maintain the best possible grip. In this way, drivers on wet roads do not have to worry about breaking traction and losing control of the vehicle.

It can be deduced from the feedback from Oponeo's customers that they, too, perceive the above-mentioned characteristics. 

The tyres are very good. They are quiet and have very good grip in all conditions. An important advantage is that they have a large rim protecting the tyre. Simon Ball

I recommend Barum Polaris 5 tyres to all those who are on the road, as well as to those who cover shorter distances. Quiet tyres, braking distance on both dry and wet roads excellent, what can be said here? People buy it because it's really worth it. I recommend, best regards :). Cheryl Barnes

Imperial Snowdragon HP

Imperial Snowdragon HP will satisfy many drivers, including those with a car with a more powerful engine. The secret of good parameters and comfortable driving in winter is in the design of the tread pattern and the flexible rubber compound.

A system of transverse and elongated slats with grooves guarantees better adhesion in all weather conditions, regardless of whether it is frosty outside or thawing. Snowdragon HP is therefore not afraid of rain, snow and slush on the road - it can handle them perfectly, so the car will not slip. So you can feel the safest way to drive without any nasty surprises.

Users who own this model often point out in their opinions that the Snowdragon HP is the ideal tyre for winter, and it is worth quoting some of them as proof.

I have been thinking about the choice of tyres for a long time, the price was the deciding factor, and better still I am surprised at how quiet these tyres are and how well they perform on different surfaces. I recommend, I will definitely buy these tyres for another car. Walter Baldwin

The tyres are suitable for all weather conditions. They survive driving on a wet motorway and overcoming slush. On dry roads, they grip well. For this price I can recommend these tyres. Peggy Bennett

What should I do when buying new tyres? How to choose the good ones?

The answer to these questions is to clarify our expectations. If we know exactly what we need, the range of options will definitely narrow down. Before buying a winter tyre, it is worth paying attention to such issues as the surface we are driving on, the way we drive, and whether we cover shorter or longer distances. 

The opinions of other users who have tested the tyres "on their own" on the road, such as Oponeo customers, will also prove helpful. They will help us learn about the most important driving parameters, such as grip, handling on wet, snowy or icy roads and braking distances, which have a direct impact on our safety.

Undecided drivers can also improve their knowledge of the results of surveys conducted annually by independent organisations. It is also a reliable source of information to help them choose tyres.