Don’t get lost in the crowd! Sometimes, all is needed is one small alteration to get yourself seen on the road. Do you wish to make your car look fierce or would you rather give it a touch of class? Read the article and let us help you choose a new colour for your wheels! 

Colourful wheels make any car more attractive

Colourful wheels make any car more attractive

Colourful wheels are not only for connoisseurs!

We tend to associate spoilers, hood scoops or pop-up headlamps with sports cars. However, you don’t need to invest in costly modifications to revolutionize the look of your car. Unique wheels are often enough to do the trick.

Until recently, the range of available colours and designs was very limited, and choosing a model from outside the catalogue cost a small fortune. However, for some time now, the wheel market has been growing significantly and the increased popularity of different models of wheels has resulted in the overall reduction of prices.

The right choice of wheels can help to emphasize the sporty nature of a vehicle

The right choice of wheels can help to emphasize the sporty nature of a vehicle

Today, it is no longer an exclusive product, but one which is easily accessible to anyone who wishes to introduce a little variety to the look of their car. Colourful wheels can be purchased from both premium manufacturers and the budget sector!


Where to start when selecting wheels?

Ensuring the correct fit of your wheels is exceptionally important. First of all, we should check if the specific wheel model has the correct fit for our car. Other vital parameters include the width of the wheel, the bolt pattern, the centre bore and the diameter of the wheel rim, as well as the wheel offset. Only perfectly adjusted wheels can fulfil their role correctly.


Watch this short video and find out what to look for when selecting wheels: 



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White, black or maybe gold? The colour you choose really matters!

The colour you choose makes all the difference

The colour you choose makes all the difference

Many drivers who are keen to try more unusual wheel colours are still hesitant. Some of their questions are: “What wheel colour would suit a silver car?” or “What alloy wheels should I choose for a black car?” With these few suggestions, you will easily choose your new wheel colour:


It pays to be cautious with vibrant colours

Strongly contrasting colours are associated with car tuning. It is usually the drivers of modified cars who go for wheel colours which differ significantly from the primary colours of car paint. In these circumstances, the combinations of yellow with red, or green with purple are not overly surprising to anyone. 

Strongly contrasting wheel colours are associated with sports cars

Strongly contrasting wheel colours are associated with sports cars

However, such colour choices are not only reserved to fans of competitive driving, but are also easily accessible to everyday drivers. 

Colours which are overly similar can merge!

The majority of drivers buying colourful wheels prefer colours which are more subdued, as they make a better match with most of the mass-produced car paints.

We should remember, however, that choosing wheels whose colour overly resembles the dominant colour is not recommended, as in the majority of cases these elements begin to merge and lose their attractive appearance (and this is what it is all about, after all!). Such a colour choice can actually prove quite interesting if the body of our car features elements which contrast the overall car colour

Elegance never goes out of fashion

The range of available colours is always very wide and continues to evolve. However, classic colours remain the most popular. They never go out of fashion and generally look good on any car. Even when choosing grey or silver wheels, you can opt for a more personalised model.

Silver or grey wheels can also look attractive

Silver or grey wheels can also look attractive

There is always a choice between lighter and darker models. We can also go for matt or chrome variants. The choice is very wide and even drivers who are not entirely convinced can find something for themselves.

Everyone looks good in black 

The colour which boasts unflagging popularity amongst drivers is black, as black wheels look good on almost all light-coloured cars, even if the car body is painted a vibrant colour. Black wheels go very well with silver, yellow, green and red vehicles. It does not combine as well with darker colours, although in this case it is also a matter of matching.

Black wheels are one of the most popular colour options

Black wheels are one of the most popular colour options

An unusual combination is black and white – this creates quite a characteristic look, which does not appeal to everyone. It is also important to remember that light-coloured wheels look bigger against a dark car body. This solution can be used to divert attention from the less attractive parts of the vehicle.

Think carefully before choosing light-coloured wheels!

White wheels can look very impressive, especially when combined with natural, earthy colours.

It should be remembered that the lighter the colour of the wheel, the faster it will become dirty. The problem is not only environmental factors, such as mud and dust, but also brake pads, which can leave difficult to remove streaks on our light-coloured wheels.  

Graphite wheels are gaining in popularity

Deeply black wheels may not always be a suitable choice. However, there is an alternative solution for drivers seeking darker wheels

Graphite wheels in different shades look good on the majority of cars, especially in the case of subdued dominant colours. They guarantee a good look for the car, while the addition of grey prevents them from merging with black. They can be similar in colour to darker versions of the original wheels provided by the car manufacturer, which is an excellent solution for anyone who wishes to introduce some changes without transforming the entire colour scheme.

Gold wheels are not reserved to celebrities!

Although we may associate gold wheels with the videos of infamous hip-hop artists, they are not reserved to such celebrities. Gold makes a wonderful combination with primary colours. Gold wheels combine well with cars painted both darker and lighter colours. We can choose from different shades of gold to match the overall look of our vehicle.

Gold wheels make a successful match with most colours

Gold wheels make a successful match with most colours

A single colour or design is not a must

The continuously growing wheel market is starting to offer various non-standard solutions. We can choose from two-colour models, which have a relatively extravagant look by combining different tones from the colour range. Red with white or black with graphite blend perfectly with each other, increasing the attractiveness of our car.

If we want our wheels to attract even greater attention, we can choose front-polished wheels, which are characterised by an unusual design. Such wheels can sometimes carry logos of the manufacturer of the wheels or the car, or even more unique decorative elements, such as bears or the Michelin Man. 

The colour of wheels is only one of many potentials for modification 

Various degrees of wheel polishing, by making it more glossy or matt, allow us to alter the wheel’s initial look. This prevents colour blending and enables the use of a wider range of designs without compromising the appearance of your car.

Glossy wheels feature a considerable mirroring effect, and always reflect the sunlight. A similar visual effect can be obtained with chrome models.

We can give our wheels a unique look by opting for matt, glossy or chrome finish

We can give our wheels a unique look by opting for matt, glossy or chrome finish

Matt wheels are the least shiny of all models and as such, they are quite unconventional. They do not reflect the sunlight as much as standard models, and instead maintain a constant, uniform colour. This way we can be sure of their attractive appearance even on cloudy days. This effect looks best on wheels with more muted colours.

It is all down to taste

The process of choosing wheels resembles that of choosing clothes. We don’t always fancy what is most fashionable at that particular moment and what would actually suit us. Much depends on our personal preferences and our individual character. 

When selecting a wheel, it is first necessary to match its colour to our car body paint and its other components. It is also worthwhile to consider the effect we want to achieve, and whether we are more keen on elegance or extravagance. Various combinations can change the perception of our car in different ways.

The choice is quite extensive, and the prices are attainable to practically every road user. Popular manufacturers, such as: OZ, MSW, SPEEDLINE, and DOTZ offer a wide range of wheel colours and sizes, to enable everyone to find something to their taste.