In principle, all season tyres combine the best summer and winter performance. Is this really the case? This year's test of ADAC, size 175/65 R14 offers comprehensive test results for nine popular models. Check which ones were the most advantageous and dispel any doubts before buying.

All season tyres are always a compromise

All season tyres - a perfect compromise?

All season tyres are always a compromise. Manufacturers must combine performance that at first glance seems completely contradictory. The model for multi-season driving should, after all, maintain adequate flexibility in the winter and be stiff enough in the summer. The tread must deal with snow, but at the same time not to limit the contact zone with the surface. It is impossible to guarantee a perfect balance of performance in all conditions, which is why all season tyres are designed for users with moderate driving style, mainly moving on snow-cleared routes.

Not all models, however, are equally effective. The German ADAC automobile club uses its extensive, over 100 years of experience in the tyre industry and takes a closer look at all the most important aspects of all season tyres. Parameters are analyzed in two groups of categories:


Performance on different types of surfaces:

Comfort and economy of travel:

Driving on snow-covered surface

Wear resistance

Driving on dry surface

Fuel economy

Driving on wet surface

Noise generated

Driving on ice-covered surface


How are the grades given in the test?

The analyzed tyre during the ADAC tests receives a score on a scale of 1-5 in each of the seven categories tested. Then, the result is averaged and assigned to one of the five verbal grades:

  • very good (sehr gut),

  • good (gut),

  • satisfactory (befriedigend),

  • sufficient (ausreichend),

  • insufficient (mangelhaft).

The final position in the ranking is influenced not only by the averaged results from all the tested categories, but also by the overall tyre balance. It is important that the recommended model is characterized by balanced performance and received recommendations in each of the

Do you know that...


According to the ADAC organization policy, none of the tyres are currently given the highest final score (sehr gut). Automobile club experts believe that the tyre industry still has a lot of room for development, and the highest rating is for a model that is just being designed as a result of technological progress.

Ranking of ADAC all season tyres, size 175/65 R14 82T



Tyre model:

Grade (score)*


Nexen N`Blue 4 Season

Satisfactory (2,7)


Continental AllSeasonContact

Satisfactory (3,0)


Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G2

Satisfactory (3,3)


Nokian Weatherproof

Satisfactory (3,4)


Firestone Multiseason

Sufficient (3,7)


Maxxis AllSeason AP2

Sufficient (3,7)


Vredestein Quatrac 5

Sufficient (3,7)


Hankook Kinergy 4s H740

Sufficient (3,9)


Michelin CrossClimate

Sufficient (3,9)

*grades on a scale of 1-5, where "1" is the highest available score.

This year's test results may be may come as a surprise to  some drivers, especially to those less familiar with the tyre market. The unexpected winner – Nexen N'Blue 4 Season, representing the economic class, comes to the fore. The model overtook more recognized premium sector manufacturers in the race for the tyre title. However, there is no way to manipulate the results. The tyres of the Korean company fully deserved this distinction.

Particularly noteworthy are all the models that received a clear recommendation from ADAC and a positive "satisfactory" opinion. Other tyres in the rating are marked as "meeting basic needs" (they can be safely used in road traffic).

It is best to purchsae all season tyres with winter approval

Let's take a closer look at the four models recommended by ADAC:

Nexen N`Blue 4 Season

For drivers less oriented in the all-season tyre market, this year's winner may be a sensation. However, according to the analyzes of particular aspects of the model operation, the choice was not unjustified. Nexen N`Blue 4 Season achieved high recommendations from the German organization in 4 out of 7 examined categories:

Performance on wet surface

Good (2,3)

Performance on ice-covered surface

Good (2,2)

Fuel efficiency

Good (2,1)

Wear resistance

Good (2,5)

However, it was not the individual categories that decided about the final victory in the 175/65 R14 size ranking, but very stable results in all sectors. Only in the "noise" category, the tyre received a partial score above 3.

Where is the secret of the tyre from the Korean manufacturer?

  • Tread: the directional pattern is equipped with a very dense grip of blades. In the central zone, they improve the stability of driving on snow, while external cuts are responsible for high performance in spring and autumn.

  • Three-dimensional blocks: ensure optimal stiffness of the tyre in various weather conditions. Flexible during frost and adequately stable in hot weather.

  • Modern silica compound: responsible for continuous traction, ensures the unity of the design and protects against negative effects of extreme temperatures.

Do you know that...


The name Nexen comes from the combination of two English words, i.e. "Next" and "Century". It defines the company's policy, which focuses on continuous development and introduction of innovative production and technological solutions.


Nexen N`Blue 4 Season in size 175/65 R14


Continental AllSeasonContact

Continental is a much more recognizable brand. The German corporation is one of the undisputed leaders in the tyre market, and its products often set new standards. The AllSeasonContact model is a perfect example of the efforts of the German brand put in the design and manufacture of the highest quality tyres.

The tyre is designed for passenger cars of all classes. It will be perfect for both premium cars, such as Mercedes A or Audi A3, as well as urban variants, such as Ford Focus or Opel Adam. ADAC distinguished the tyre with "good" rating in as many as 5 categories:

  • Fuel efficiency – score 1.7

  • Performance on wet surface – score 1.9

  • Wear resistance – score 2.0

  • Performance on snow-covered road – score 2.3

  • Driving on ice-covered route – score 2.4

Continental AllSeasonContact uses proprietary technologies that optimize year-round driving:

Winter Performance Resins and Traction Silica Compound significantly increases the tyre performance in winter conditions. It perfectly adapts to the prevailing conditions, providing adequate traction throughout the journey.

The combination of open shoulders and stiffened design with a limited number of blades provides shorter braking distances, thus increasing the efficiency of stopping the car. It perfectly counteracts aquaplaning.

The design optimizing the flow of energy helps to reduce the rolling resistance, which significantly affects both the tyre performance and fuel consumption


Continental AllSeasonContact in size 175/65 R14


Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G-2

In the third place of the ranking was a model, which was very often awarded by experts in the tests since its debut. The modern rubber compound combined with the excellent, original tread technology is perfect for year-round driving.

The durability is certainly on the forefront of the second generation of the Vector 4 Seasons model. The wear resistance was appreciated by ADAC with the highest available score of 1.0. This means that we certainly do not have to worry about too fast wear and tear of the tyre.

In addition, three categories received a high "good" score in this year's tests of ADAC 175/65 R14:


Driving on wet surface

Driving on ice-covered route

Fuel efficiency (combustion)

Do you know that...


Charles Goodyear, whose name is borne by the American company, has nothing to do with it. He was thus honored by the founders - he was the inventor who created the foundations of the modern rubber industry.


Goodyear Vector 4Seasons G-2 in size 175/65 R14


Nokian WeatherProof

The Finnish premium class manufacturer is known primarily as an expert on winter conditions. Models from the WR series are considered the world leaders in a frosty, demanding climate. However, Nokian not only stands in the winter. The catalog of the brand also includes highly rated summer variants and, as confirmed by this year's ranking, very effective all season tyres.

WeatherProof model, literally "weatherproof", is a tyre with excellent performance in all conditions. It has an extremely modern directional design with an aggressive block arrangement, supporting dynamic driving.

The autumn-winter parameters certainly deserve to be praised. Nokian received a high recommendation in rain, snow and ice tests. It performs slightly worse on the dry route. German specialists also appreciated the durability of the tyre, assessing its exploitation at a score of 1.5 (very good).

The directional design of the Nokian WeatherProof model works perfectly during the year-round driving and has a number of modern solutions:



Nokian WeatherProof

Aggressive block layout

Sharply inclined blocks in the central zone support the driver regardless of road conditions. They improve water flow in the grooves and provide full control over the car, even during dynamic driving.

Irregular grip blades

They perfectly support traction in winter conditions. They efficiently grab snow and prevent from falling into an uncontrolled skid when driving in difficult weather conditions.

Modern rubber compound

Perfectly matched proportions make it retain optimum flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. It protects against premature wear and tear and ensures high acoustic comfort.

Directional, longitudinal grooves

They effectively drain residual water and support braking on various types of surfaces. They stabilize driving and ensure maneuvering.


Nokian WeatherProof in size 175/65 R14


Rain is a threat on the road, regardless of the season.

All season tyres – how to choose the right ones?

All season models are generally created for moderate climate and mild seasons. In our country, where the summers can be hot and the winters can be intense, it's worth to think carefully  when buying this type of tyre. The attention should be paid to the structure of the tread and tyre markings. It is best to opt for a model with winter approval (3PMSF symbol – snowflake against the background of three peaks), which assures us that the model will work in the event of a sudden attack of intense frosts

All season tyres saves us the problem and costs associated with the seasonal replacement, so it is worth investing in slightly more expensive, proven models. Eventually, the tyres will accompany us throughout the year, both during frosty, rainy and hot periods. It is worth ensuring that safety is always maintained, regardless of the driving style or travelled distances