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Zeetex Tyres 205/60R15

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Zeetex ZT6000 eco 205/60 R15 91 V
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Zeetex Tyres

The idea of creating Zeetex tyres occurred in one of the most eccentric cities in the world - Dubai. The brand belongs to the Zafco company. Before Zeetex started their own activity, the company dealt with the distribution of the Pirelli tyres. The success in the distribution induced the company to start their own tyre brand. Zeetex tyres started to be produced in 2002. These products are available in 85 countries all over the world. The offer of the Zeetex tyres includes passenger, off-road and delivery car tyres. On our website you will find a rich offer of products of this brand as well as a large base of opinions about Zeetex.

205/60 R15 Tyres

205/65 R15 tyres are designed for family cars and executive cars. The size label can be easily seen on the tyre's sidewall in a form of a string of signs. The first number informs about the tread width of the 205/60 R15 tyre, in this case it is 205 mm. The second number equals the tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width, e.g. 60% out of 205 mm. The last number constitutes the diameter of the wheel rim which is provided in inches (here 15''). The "R" in the 205/65 R15 tyre model denotes its radial construction. See the 205/65 R15 tyre model in our offer. There's everything for everyone.

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