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Recommended tyres winter tyres Pirelli

Pirelli SnowControl 3

108 reviews

From 154 £ pc.
Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

93 reviews

From 140 £ pc.

In our offer, we have 4 Pirelli tyre models
priced from £140 to £429.

Pirelli 4x4 tyres

Pirelli Scorpion Winter

46 reviews

From 212 £ pc.

Our customers' opinions on Pirelli tyres:

  • Gary 3.9

    Pirelli Sottozero II

    These are very expensive, but, hopefully in time they will pay for themselves, both in performance & longevity. So far these Tyres have been Great. Unfortunately, I cannot rate the performance in Snow & Ice because this year we had no extreme conditions to test them on.I do, however, have every confidence they will perform well when called upon!! See more >
  • Robert Seyffert 5.0

    Pirelli SnowControl 3

    I returned to the UK three years ago from Germany where Winter tyres are compulsory.Over the last 40 years I have tried many makes of tyres including Pirelli and I must say I was very pleased with the performance of them in all aspects.A further bonus is the amazing price at Oponeo which is unbeatable. See more >
  • Luke 3.8

    Pirelli Cinturato Winter

    I have currently driven 11,000 km on this tyres. I bought them because I was very happy with the Cinturato summer version, it is the first Pirelli winter product I use. The tyres seems to be actually quiet, which is rightly boasted by the manufacturer. At a speed of 160 km / h, the noise is perfectly tolerable and does not disturb at all. It is also quite economical for a winter tyre. Very good wet and dry traction. The tyre seems to be very soft (typical in the Cinturato family) which is an advantage, sometimes a disadvantage, if you don't like this feeling, especially when making sharp turns. I have reservations about the tyre's performance in snow. It is generally poor. When braking with See more > medium force, the ABS is activated and the tyre loses grip. It does not "cut" into the snow, despite the impressive symmetrical fir tread. In this respect, it is definitely weaker than the GY Ultra Grip model, which I will probably come back to. A tire worth recommending for non-snow winters, especially when someone drives mainly on the highway like me. After driving 11,000 km, I estimate the abrasion resistance to be good with a big plus. Car: Focus HB 150KM.
  • Hillwalker 3.9

    Pirelli SottoZero Serie 3

    Good all round winter tyre - recommended by Subaru. Grips well on snow and ice (just don't expect miracles!), and still handles well when things warm up and dry out - just what's needed in our changeable British climate. As quiet and comfortable as the standard summer tyres supplied on the new car (Bridgestone Dueler). See more >