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Wanli Tyres

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Started in 1988, Wanli tyres is a Chinese brand which belongs to the wider SCTR (South China Tre & Rubber Company) group. Within its field, it is the ninth biggest enterprise in China. Although they are not from Europe, Wanli tyres bear all the necessary certificates that enable them to be sold in various countries, including EU tyre label regulations, across the globe.
At Oponeo, we stock a range of Wanli products, including summer and winter models Wanli tyres offer good quality at a decent price.

Our Customers Tyre Reviews:
  • her 4.2 111150

    Wanli S-1088

    They complain about the noise? More engine noise and air. Holds sensational cornering (cornering aggressively enter). Perhaps because I have a heavy car. I bought them because I needed new tires quickly and ... I was surprised how well I ride. Especially in the wet. Four years of riding, and I had them throw in half a year. I take them for subsequent years. But still good tread rubber hardened and begin to slip. More >
  • PDY 4.6 111150

    Wanli S 1097

    These summer tires are an excellent choice. Post-it on the corners, with very little road noise. On a wet road, you drive regularly. The tire model looks great, gives the impression that they are expensive, so they are not. A € 56 you can not go wrong. They really beat the expensive brands. I say go and try them. More >
  • Terence Rogers 4.5 111150

    Wanli S 1063

    I am quite hard on tyres, but these tyres are great. They are resistant to spinning up and grip really well. I had these tyres on my XK8 also with great satisfaction. You will get people saying they are rubbish, and in they're eyes when looking for perfection they probably are. But I think that they are really good for the Price. They are not the best, but remember you are not paying hundreds of pounds for a name. More >
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