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Wanli Tyres

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Started in 1988, Wanli tyres is a Chinese brand which belongs to the wider SCTR (South China Tre & Rubber Company) group. Within its field, it is the ninth biggest enterprise in China. Although they are not from Europe, Wanli tyres bear all the necessary certificates that enable them to be sold in various countries, including EU tyre label regulations, across the globe.
At Oponeo, we stock a range of Wanli products, including summer and winter models Wanli tyres offer good quality at a decent price.

Our customer's opinions:
  • MzR 3.9 111500

    Wanli S 1097

    I was afraid to purchase tyres Wanli - a little-known brand, manufacturer from China ... However, the mechanic and the vulcan said that as a cheap brand are pretty good tyres. I took a chance, bought - and I do not regret! For the price of a used tyre in my size I bought two, new, under warranty, there were no problems with balancing, these tyres are not bitters (like the competition at this price) - arranged themselves nicely and did not have to install large weights when balancing. I go for a few months on dry tyres behave well (they are just a bit louder than the previous Pirelli P0) need to be careful on wet curves - tyre portafi uślizgiwać slightly. In short - Pirelli P0nero it is not More > (and will not), but for such a reasonable price - I recommend ;)
  • Piotr 3.7 111500

    Wanli S 1063

    In my case the car goes on sale, so there is no point in charging god knows what tires. And here surprise. I live in a country where it rains very often, so the test in the wet was almost immediately (arc, forced braking ... :-) I'm still on the road, baaa enough that even on the same lane). As for the noise to 130km / h is even tolerably, but really 150-170 radio comes in handy ... The rolling resistance, unfortunately, is not small, after all recommend. Changed from Fulda, and I was wondering if the next car will not get "Chinese" More >
  • Grzegorz 3.7 111500

    Wanli S-1088

    For fans of malcontents and only "right" brands I want to remind that this is a license tyre Dunlop SP 9000. All the pros and cons Dunlop also pertain Wanli S1088 (you can find reviews of Dunlopie and read). The only exception is the Chinese production of this tread in smaller sizes, as SP 9000 did not exist in smaller than 17 'as I recall. Since this is the tyre for sports cars WILL NOT BE SILENT or too comfortable because this is not its purpose! It has a thoroughbred look quite stiff cushions inequality and little is consumed. 2 pieces cost as much as other branded tyres in the number of units first And when someone wants peace and comfort, and it can do, then I recommend More > Yokohama AV 500 or 550 Decibel - priced completely different shelf.
  • Robson 4.4 111150

    Wanli S-1088

    I do not go too long on these tyres. I bought them because of the price and herringbone tread. Herringbone has a good keeping the car on dry and wet roads, here's the reason buying these tires. I read the reviews and was a bit anxious, as you will, but a nice surprised. Contrary to many opinions there were no problems with balancing tires, well keep the car on wet and dry roads. Hum a bit more than other tires that I had before, but it is not a problem. If someone buys a herringbone pattern, it must be reckoned with more noise, because it is a characteristic of this type tread. You want peace, not herringbone. And certainly it is not a noise that could be confused with worn wheel More > bearings, which could howl me so that I had to open the windows a bit to noise ran a little on the outside. Tires actually plastered my car to the road. Previous the peaceful traction could make me spurt, spurt with these tires is much harder to do. Despite my fears, donuts nice surprised me. I go fairly quickly outside built, because 140 can run, I use the built-to restrictions, so your driving style I refer to as moderate. And with such style donuts are good for me and for the time being I would recommend. I do not know if they will soon consume or in some other way to spoil, so do not judge durability.
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