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Recommended tyres summer tyres Zeetex

Zeetex ZT1000

1038 reviews

From 37 £ pc.
Zeetex HP2000 VFM

54 reviews

From 47 £ pc.

In our offer, we have 7 Zeetex tyre models
priced from £39 to £64.

Zeetex Car tyres

Zeetex ZT6000 eco

1 review

From 39 £ pc.
Zeetex HP3000 vfm
From 51 £ pc.
Zeetex HP6000 eco

1 review

From 54 £ pc.

Zeetex Van tyres

Zeetex CT6000 eco

1 review

From 53 £ pc.
Zeetex CT7000
From 56 £ pc.

Our customers' opinions on Zeetex tyres:

  • Gordon Zardoya 4.0

    Zeetex HP2000 VFM

    Tyre is okay if you mainly doing town roads and driving moderately. Can't complain about the tyre so far; though its on the wife's car; I have driven it for about 1000miles. Certainly a cost effective option compared to the overpriced "premium" brands I'm used to buying over the last 25years that sometimes don't live up to expectations. See more >
  • Michał Ditczyk 4.4

    Zeetex ZT1000

    The tires are really cool, I have previously bought for my expensive alpha 159 17 zetexy xl summer, i.e. reinforced, 750 with a shipment, I made about 30 thousand on them. Hardly used, at 200km / h they are quiet, they are braking well on wet, even when there was snow, I also drove them for a while and there was no tragedy. I definitely recommend it, it is not profitable to overpay for more expensive. My colleagues have followed my job and everyone praises them. Regards. See more >
  • George 4.3

    Zeetex HP2000 VFM

    As in topic, very puzzling tyres. After leaving the workshop you feel that you are driving lightly, it is quiet and calm. Rolling resistance I must admit that it is very small, which can also be a downside - when moving uphill you have to be delicate because they can "box". It's more interesting after leaving the city, the tyres give the impression of swimming on the road, at faster turns you have to gently interact with the accelerator because the car starts to run. But on the highway at speeds above 120km / h you can feel stability and grip - the car does not float, the tyres glide smoothly and quietly on the surface - a few people have already noticed how quiet it is in the car while See more > driving (and this is not an advantage of the car but tyres). However, another curiosity appears, at speeds above 190km / h they start to make a really strange noise despite the purchase of tyres with an increased speed index "Y" is puzzling. When it comes to combustion, it's not bad! They do not impress, they look more like tyres from my son's toy cars, but the tread is deep and after driving over 2500km they still look unmoved - well washed, they could be sold as new! Vulcanizer did not curse or complain while fitting tyres and he said that he put in a lot worse before. Overall summary: This is my second set of Zeetex tyres (I bought winter tyres before) and I knew what I was choosing and I still recommend these tyres!
  • Ryszard 4.5

    Zeetex ZT1000

    It is difficult to judge a product after a year. In 2-3 years, I will know whether I did the right thing by buying it. He knows that you simply have to stop thinking that this is a 'Made in China' product. I don't think you can look at it that way any more. If you pick up, for example, brand-name phones, they are all made in China. Recently I saw an SUV, a typical Chinese product, which in European safety tests had 5 stars, while the Fiat Grane Punto, for example, had none. The tyres of the renowned Continental company on our market have recently been printed as Made in Romania. See more >