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Zeetex CT2000 VFM

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£ / pc. 48

Zeetex CT2000 VFM features

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Economy — optimum performance at a very attractive price

Intended use: Commercial vehicles

Tread: Symmetrical — the most popular choice for commercial vehicles, providing stable performance, irrespective of the position or rolling direction

Sizes: From 14 to 16 inches

Zeetex CT2000 VFM is a new model of summer tyre designed for commercial vehicles. The main task of the tyres for this type of vehicle is to ensure appropriate grip and safety, maintaining proper load resistance. Also important is the efficient response to steering movements and braking. Zeetex CT2000 VFM perfectly meets the needs of drivers of popular commercial vehicles, without putting too much pressure on their budget.

This model is made of a rubber blend which has good durability and hardness adapted to summer conditions. Its reinforced outer structure withstands high loads. The tyre does not wear prematurely, it is resistant to temperature, abrasion and mechanical damage. The optimised tyre profile guarantees low rolling resistance, which translates into more economic driving, generating additional savings.

The symmetrical tread makes the grip of the tyre stable, particularly when driving in a straight line, as this is typical for routes of commercial vehicles. Zeetex CT2000 VFM responds very well to the movements of the steering wheel and provides sufficient grip on corners, helping to increase the level of driving safety.

The product also performs very well in diverse weather conditions. Three circumferential grooves guarantee grip in the wet, as they evacuate water from the tyre and prevent aquaplaning. Zeetex CT2000 VFM provides the driver with control over the vehicle, regardless of the weather conditions.

Zeetex CT2000 VFM means comfort and reliable performance combined with an attractive price.

Manufacturer Info: Zeetex is a brand from the United Arab Emirates and is present on all continents, in 85 countries around the world. It started its operation in 2002 and in a couple of years it joined the market leaders in the economy class. The Zeetex product range is still growing and sales are gradually increasing. The opinions of satisfied customers, as well as business partner relations with Oponeo, are the best proof of the brand's position on the market.

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
195/70 R15 104/102 S £ 49 Buy
185/75 R16 104/102 S £ 48 Buy
205/75 R16 110/108 R £ 64 Buy
205/75 R16 110/108 R £ 57 Buy
225/70 R15 112/110 S £ 60 Buy

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