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Recommended tyres summer tyres Vredestein

Vredestein Sportrac 5

144 reviews

From 56 £ pcs.
Vredestein T-Trac 2

5 reviews

From 40 £ pcs.

In our offer, we have 8 Vredestein tyre models
priced from £49 to £535.

Vredestein car tyres

Vredestein Ultrac

2 reviews

From 55 £ pcs.
Vredestein Ultrac PRO
From 76 £ pcs.
Vredestein Ultrac Satin

1 review

From 91 £ pcs.

Vredestein Van tyres

Vredestein Comtrac 2
From 78 £ pcs.

Our customers' opinions on Vredestein tyres:

  • Radek 3.4

    Vredestein Ultrac

    I used to have this tyres on cars with diesel engine and iwas happy with its performance, but since I drive an electric now, its a bit more powerful on the acceleration so those tyres just cant keep up. A bit better on dry, not so good on wet... without system to control I would be loosing grip with every start. I think I will have to change once they done. See more >
  • Simon 4.5

    Vredestein Ultrac Satin

    I bought them in size 225/45/17. I was a bit afraid because it was a brand new product and due to this fact there was no opinion about it at all. However, it was presented as premium model, Vredestein has good reputation so I decided to buy and test it. Cornering is great, does not matter if the road is dry or wet. It is really hard to loose control of the vehicle, even tried once to do it in purpose, with no success. I drive a lot so I had a chance to use quite a few different tyre models and so far Vredestein is the winner. This tyre is really quiet as well. No noise even during speed driving on the highway. Do not know anything about durability yet, simply I have it from to short time See more > but so far so good. Can be recommended with clear conscience.
  • Mieczysław Ka 3.8

    Vredestein Sportrac 5

    Tires do not have a terribly long switched from GY F1 Eagle, uses a lightweight car with front-wheel drive 180 hp at a fairly aggressive driving through the winding streets outside the city. Tire on the dry side keeps satisfactorily does not feel swim, limit releasing giving occasions revel. In the straight-ahead stable at high speeds, fairly quiet up to 120km later already known louder. With a light car with FWD traction hard to assess because of the slippage is not hard. I would recommend tires with good driving technique ensures security and reliability even in aggressive driving. See more >
  • Lukas 5.0

    Vredestein Ultrac Vorti

    Great tyres for both wet and dry surface. Since they were fit into my car I have realised how quiet they are. I am so happy having them, even while cornering at higher speed car is like glue to the tarmac. Definitely will recommend these tyres to anyone. High performance, appearance is ok but they for sure will be my next set for the car See more >