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Petlas Tyres

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History of the brand Petlas

Today, Petlas tyres are one of the leading Turkish brands, joining the likes of Lassa tyres with their international appeal. Yet the Petlas company has a unique history, involving the turbulent situation concerning Cyprus in the mid-1970s. So, just how did this company come to be the large brand it is today? The historic Petlas brand logo The Petlas Plan The state of political and military tension on the island of Aphrodite has been in place almost since the start of the 20th century. Cyprus drifted from the hands of the British, towards unification with Greece, then experienced a civil war between Greece and Turkey. This, in 1983, lead to the proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Although this Greek-Turkish conflict had been partially resolved since 1974, both sides continued to maintain a strong military presence on both sides. This lead to the Turkish airforce involved in Cyprus to struggle with supplies: specifically, there was a shortage of aircraft tyres. The Petlas tyre factory. As if in response to this demand, the state-owned Petlas began to take shape in the mid 1970s, tasked with meeting the needs of the Turkish Air Force. Petlas was part of a major government project - the Petrokimya petrochemical holding, abbreviated to Petkim - whose creation and subsequent five-year development ... Read more >

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