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Nordexx Tyres

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Currently we do not have Nordexx tyres in our warehouses, but we can offer products from over 100 other tyre manufacturers.

Nordexx brand is a Dutch company owned by NDI group. The purpose of this group is to design solutions that support the technical development of the mother tyre market. Nordexx tyres created within this group are addressed to each, even the latest version of passenger and van cars. Nordexx tyres meet all required European and American standards. Nordexx tyres is a combination of low-cost purchase without sacrificing safety and quality. Many of these tyres is in offer prepared by our shop, see it and choose something for yourself.

Our customer's opinions:
  • Jarek 5.0 11111

    Nordexx CIRRUS

    Tires Nordexx meet my expectations. Auto well behaved on dry and wet surfaces. I have nothing to complain about. I would recommend. It was a good buy. Have a good choice. Yours! More >
  • Jan Zegers 4.2 111150

    Nordexx NS5000

    I'm a calm driver and mostly in the town. But on the motorway at 130 km I have had no problems at all in both dry and wet weer.Aanraders. More >