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Marshal Tyres 255/65R17

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Marshal Crugen HP91 255/65 R17 110 V
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Marshal Tyres

Marshal tyres are produced by the South Korean company, Kumho Tyres, arguably the undisputed tycoon of the tyre industry. The consortium has rapidly gained recognition, not only in the home market, but also worldwide. It is good to know that in the 1970’s, Marshal created their first radial tyres and since then, have been successfully delivering their own products to various car models. Tyres of this manufacturer are available at competitive prices and have excellent driving characteristics. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of Marshal tyres and you will surely be able to choose the right model to enhance your driving experience.

255/65 R17 Tyres

The tyres in size 255/65 R17 are used in SUV, 4x4 cars. The first number (255) is the tyre's tread width in millimetres. The next number (65) denotes the tyre's profile height which amounts exactly 65% out of 255 millimetres of the tyre's tread width. The "R" in the third position means that the tyre uses in its built the radial construction. Number 17 is the diameter of the wheel's rim in inches which can be installed with the tyre in size 255/65 R17. Check out our offer and choose for yourself the perfect tyre model in size 255/65 R17.

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