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Kenda Tyres 185/80R14

Kenda KR101 MasterTrail 3G 185/80 R14 104/102 N C No image
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Kenda Tyres

Kenda tyres is an exceptional combination of quality and a price which does not damage your budget. The brand's products are intended for drivers seeking safety and comfort at a fair price. Driving with Kenda tyres gives a very good impression. The brand's products are manufactured based on the most advanced technologies and using materials of the highest quality. Kenda tyres are very reliable and guarantee a long and problem-free tyre life. See our rich offer for more details on Kenda tyres for different types of cars.

185/80 R14 Tyres

185/80 R14 tyres are produced with family cars and delivery vehicles in mind. The size of the tyre can be seen on its sidewall where it is provided in a form of a string of numbers (the "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction). The first number informs about the tread width of the tyre and it is provided in millimetres (185 mm in the case of the 185/80 R14 tyre). The second number equals the tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (here 80% out of 185 mm). The third number provides in inches the diameter of the wheel rim on which the tyre should be installed. The "R" in the tyre's size denotes its radial construction. See the 185/80 R14 tyre model in our offer.

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