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Kelly Tyres

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Kelly is an American tyre brand present in the market from over a hundred years. The brand's products are produced based on years of experience in the automotive market. Kelly tyres are chosen by those drivers who want good performance and small prices. Kelly tyres guarantee safety in any weather conditions. Driving with the brand's tyres equals comfort and quiet. Kelly tyres are manufactured using the most advanced technologies. In our offer please see Kelly tyres intended for various types of cars.

Kelly tyres for the summer season

Kelly tyres for the winter season

Our customer's opinions:
  • Spider 4.2 111150

    Kelly Winter ST

    Already ridden on different tyres with different price levels and to be honest I have not counted the number of the tyres KELLY. I drove the car in a private Kristall Montero 3 Fuldach which were much more expensive than Kelly. The official Fabia had the same size, so I can clearly assess the differences. On snow and ice KELLY are insurmountable! I climbed up in the big kopnym elevation snow in the area Cisowa Mountains, and surprisingly the car drove like a tank. Shock. Better be careful on wet braking! Fulda There are a whole lot better ... For dry is felt that it is a typical winter tyres (soft fins) - that is, to Polish in time ;-) Why buy Michelin, which apparently according to the More > manufacturer will give advice to 240 km / h, when the Polish conditions do not will commence? RECOMMEND ;-)
  • tomi 4.5 111150

    Kelly Winter ST

    tyres sit in wv bora 1.9 tdi 90km, I was doing more than 2000 km per month mainly on county and municipal roads, the tyres are holding very well, well disperse water and slush, my car but I have a low breaking through drifts does not cause any problem, as for it tyres me stand in third place after DĘBICA FRIGO 2 and KORMORAN WINTER S100. supposed to have low rate of speed but going slower in the winter will get further. I recommend More >
  • Laska 4.2 111150

    Kelly Summer ST

    Three years ago I bought a car (Nissan Micra K11), which was recently established Kelly ST tyres. Because of the performed experiments related to his thesis tyres put on the car leading manufacturers of premium (such as the size of wheels, of course) and then I appreciated the old, honest Kelly, especially in the wet grip and noise (annoying beeping when starting off and turns in the case of tyres of one of the producers). More >
  • Janek GM 4.4 111150

    Kelly Winter ST

    Winter tires 205/55/16 founded in Renault Magana II Estate 2006 revelation. My only criticism is more noise Overcomes about 2500 km per month. I have previously Pirelli and beyond slightly higher tire noise KELLY that you can not see the difference. More >
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