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General Tyres 215/70R16

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General Tyres

General is an American tyre brand which has been enjoying great recognition among drivers. The expansion of General tyres would not be possible hadit not been for the effective work of its engineers whose inventions were the driving force of the tyre industry many times. The brand's tyres are characterised by their high quality of workmanship based on advanced technology and rubber mixtures of top quality. General tyres mean safety, comfort and long tyre life.

215/70 R16 Tyres

215/70 R16 tyres are produced with passenger cars, 4x4s and delivery vehicles in mind. The size of the tyre can be seen on its sidewall where it is clearly provided in a form of a string of signs. In the 215/70 R16 tyre size the first number denotes the tyre's tread width (here 215 mm). The second number equals the percentage ratio between the tyre's height and its tread width. In this case it is 70% out of 215 mm. The letter "R" marks the tyre's radial construction. The third number provides in inches the diameter of the wheel rim on which the 215/70 R16 tyre should be installed. See the 215/70 R16 tyre model in our offer. There's everything for everyone.

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