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Currently we do not have Evergreen tyres in our warehouses, but we can offer products from over 100 other tyre manufacturers.
Evergreen tyres are characterised by how they combine high quality with a price that does not damage your finances. The producer of this brand's tyres pays great attention to technological development and the continuous improving of its products. Thanks to this strategy Evergreen tyres are produced based on cutting-edge technology and using the best materials available. Evergreen tyres fulfil every essential norm and standard concerning safety and the environment. Please find Euro-Tyfoon tyres intended for various types of cars in our broad catalogue. Please see our offer for more details.

Our customers' opinions on Evergreen tyres:

  • Łukasz 5.0

    Evergreen EH23

    I do not see the negative characteristics of these tires. Previously, I had a Chinese Wanli passed on a set of 120,000 and could be even with 20,000 do I never failed. I bought these and they are quieter than the others. I put about 1cm wider than the serial this inhibition certainly will not be worse than reputable and the price is about half what przepłacać.Hebel is very good. I've never felt not sure. Auto site becomes. See more >
  • Arturro 4.9

    Evergreen EW66

    Hello, Tires native of China, but, for me, proved to be better and less worn out than I had enough VREDESTAINY, flew them to Italy with his family in FEBRUARY this year on highways reached speeds of up to 190km / h - sleet, doubted that price as well as Chinese tire, surprisingly is very soft compared to Vredestainem tread after 10,000 km and only 1.1 mm disappeared and the Vredestainie 1.5 mm but enough. I would recommend as most winter tires are cheap and reliable and still "rubber" is surprisingly soft because most tires hardens, and I like the soft tires because they are adhesive, and the myth that rapidly consume a fact at Michelin, but surprisingly the Evergreenach not to See more > chaser - a motorcycle that has a 184HP buy only Michelin because I have not seen cheaper and better. EVERGREEN recommend to Suva and professional colleague who has laughed at vulcanization bought, he said that there is no appropriate alloys etc, and as he showed wear and drove at high speed with small children and said that the ride unscathed was in shock. RECOMMEND :)