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Delinte Tyres

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Delinte is an Asian brand drawing exclusively from European standards. It is an important part of the market expansion plan for the Chinese tyre powerhouse – Sentury Tire. With its twin brand Landsail, Delinte has been designed from scratch for the European driver.

The year of 2009 is commonly regarded as the first year in the history of the Delinte brand. The foundations, however, had been laid much earlier. Sentury Tire took the subject of tyres for European markets extremely seriously, especially in technological terms. Over the years, it has patented as many as seven design solutions and designed 17 original tread patterns. All this in order to provide customers with the maximum possible comfort and above-average durability of products.

Tire Technology Alliance is a research and development centre specifically created for Delinte and Landsail to deliver technological advantage and continuous improvement to brand products. The staff is largely made up of German specialists with extensive experience from the world's largest tyre manufacturers.
Key dates:

1989 – Sentaida Group Co. Ltd. makes its debut on the Asian market,
2008 – establishment of Sentury Tire as part of the Sentaida Group tyre division and opening of a new plant in Qingdao,
2009 – Delinte's debut on global markets,
2010 – market launch of the twin brand Landsail,
2012 – annual production of the Sentura Tire reaches over 14 million pieces,
2013 – establishment of the Tire Technology Alliance as its R&D backbone.

Interesting facts:

Modern plants of the brand are located mainly in Thailand; however, all equipment was imported from the USA, Germany and Japan. The manufacturer based its line on modern solutions, characteristic for the European market.
The brand motto, “smart performance brand for smart drivers”, perfectly defines the characteristics of a company that tries to constantly implement newer design ideas in order to meet the growing demands of customers on an ongoing basis.
Sentury Tire's distribution network covers more than 100 countries on all continents.

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