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Ceat Tyres 195/50R16

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Ceat SecuraDrive 195/50 R16 88 V XL
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Ceat Tyres

Ceat is a tyre brand which was established in Italy in 1924. After the II World War, the company decided to heavily invest in India. To this day Ceat is one of the strongest brands in the Indian market. Currently Ceat is a part of Pirelli which ensures that the workmanship of their tyres is of high quality. While driving with Ceat tyres you will feel confident, safe and comfortable. These tyres offer a perfect price and quality ratio. See our offer for more details on Ceat tyres.

195/50 R16 Tyres

195/50 R16 tyres are designed for dynamic family cars and executive cars. The size of the tyre can be seen on its sidewall with the help of a string of signs. The first number informs about the tread width of the 195/50 R16 tyre and it is provided in millimetres. In this case it is 195 millimetres. The second number equals the tyre profile's height and its percentage ratio to the tyre's tread width (here 50% out of 195 mm). The letter "R" denotes the tyre's radial construction. The third number provides in inches the diameter of the wheel rim on which the 195/50 R16 tyre should be installed. See our offer for more details on the 195/50 R16 tyre model.

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