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Aoteli is one of the most respected Asian manufacturers of economic tyres in the world. The company, with its headquarters in China, has been supplying more than 6 million tyres annually to all markets since 2002. It is a great alternative to economic European brands, offering good quality tyres at affordable prices for every driver.

The brand belongs to one of the largest companies in China – Shengtai Group Co. whose products have become a determinant of the quality of good economic tyres. When developing a model, the company uses state-of-the-art equipment of German, Japanese and Dutch origin. The advanced production process is aimed at adjusting the goods to the needs of foreign markets. Only tyres that comply with strict EU regulations enter Europe.

The company's mission is to provide high-quality tyres to drivers across the world. The products are to be safe, secure and made of good quality raw materials, and at the same time the price is to be affordable for everyone. This economic brand by the well-known Shengtai company allows the drivers to discover the benefits of Aoteli tyres at the very start of the drive.