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Product description
Product description

Pirelli P Zero All Season

Pirelli P Zero All Season is a premium summer tyre designed for all-season driving. It was developed in collaboration with leading car manufacturers to fully adapt the design to the needs of today's drivers.

The whole secret of the unique parameters of the model lies in the unique design and quality of materials used. The pioneering project P Zero All Season is led by innovative noise reduction technology - Pirelli Noise Canceling System. It uses a polyurethane foam insert that covers the inner wall and special blocks of variable construction. Thanks to this construction, noise generated during driving is effectively reduced, and travelers can enjoy high comfort regardless of the route.

The asymmetric tread pattern is designed to limit the negative impact of various conditions on the grip of the tyre.

  • The internal transverse sipe system, with its wave-like structure, grips the road surface, maintaining optimum traction even in the most difficult conditions.

  • The extensive central grooves instantly remove excess snow, mud and water from the tyre front, effectively protecting against aquaplaning.

  • Summer performance is due to the external blocks with special cuts, which provide adequate stiffness even with dynamic handling.

Pirelli is an Italian brand recognized as one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world. Its origins date back to 1872. Over the long years of operation, the company has gained respect not only from industry experts but also from millions of drivers. It provides the highest quality premium tyres for both cars, special vehicles and motorcycles. For years, it has been associated with the world of sport, both motorsport and team disciplines. Since the 1960s, Pirelli has been publishing a photo calendar that is considered iconic by pop culture.

Technical data:

Pirelli P Zero All Season Summer tyre is considered Premium class class, that is, characterised by modern technology and maximum performance.

You are currently viewing a tyre in the size 315/30 R22. The tyre is currently available in sizes between 18 to 22 inch.

Tyre additionally:

  • Tyre is reinforced (is more resistant to heavier loads)

The tyre has the following label parameters


class C - fuel efficiency


class A - braking distance on wet surfaces


class A - external noise

This is a tyre with indexes:

Speed index W - maximum speed you can go with this tyre is 168 mph.

Load index 107 - the maximum load this tyre can take is 975 kg.

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Available options in size 315/30 R22
22" 1 available option
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EU label
EU label
Tyres fitting
Tyres fitting

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Pirelli P Zero All Season Tyre warranty

  • The manufacturer guarantees the good quality of the tires and ensures the proper driving characteristics throughout their lifetime,
  • You have a 7 year warranty from the date of purchase,
  • If the complaint is accepted, the tires will be repaired, replaced with new ones, or you will receive a refund of the entire, or part of the purchase price (depending on the degree of wear).
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