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Imperial RF08

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£ / pc. 32

Imperial RF08 features

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Economy — good quality at an attractive price.

Intended use: Commercial vehicles

Tread: Symmetric — tread pattern typical for commercial vehicles

Sizes: 12 inches

Tyres for commercial vehicles primarily must be safe and reliable. If you combine these aspects with excellent economy, you get the Imperial RF08, tyres that combine excellent performance with attractive price and fuel efficiency. It is an excellent choice for drivers of light vehicles.

Imperial RF08 achieved its extremely satisfactory performance mainly due to its very versatile tread pattern. A mirror arrangement of the various components allowed for the efficient stabilisation of performance parameters. This type of solution allows smooth manoeuvring on dry roads and the efficient draining of water on rainy days.

Symmetrical treads are often chosen for commercial vehicles, due to their reliability. With the Imperial RF08 you have full control of the car, as its response is certain and predictable. The optimal arrangement of blocks also reduces rolling resistance, which is extremely important for the long-distance transporting of goods. It helps to decrease average fuel consumption and emissions to the atmosphere.

The operational economy of the tyre manifests itself not only in fuel efficiency. This model was made using modern production technologies. Its internal structure, combined with the rubber compound, provides a high resistance to mechanical damage and wear. Effective vibration damping allows for the prevention of unpleasant sensations when driving on uneven or bumpy roads. These solutions enable you to enjoy the Imperial RF08 for a long time and safely, even with heavy use.

logo Imperial

Manufacturer Info: Imperial is a relatively young brand, which has earned itself a good reputation among European drivers. The company is owned by Belgian company Deldo, which also owns a few other well-known brands. Imperial is focused on the production of good quality tyres at affordable prices and with the support of the mother corporation, the brand has access to advanced technologies, modern manufacturing processes and the support of design experts. It offers several well-known tyres series like Ecodriver, Ecosport and Snowdragon, all available in more than 250 sizes.

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