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Tyre specifications
Vehicle type:
Speed index:
T = max 118 mph
Load index:
82 = max 475 kg
5 years from the date of purchase details
EU label:
D C B 70 dB
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Product description
Product description

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3


The tyre meets the European Union's requirements for winter tyres

Carries the 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Flake) symbol, which is awarded after the model in question has been thoroughly tested for snow grip.

tyre tests Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3:





Auto Bild 225/45 R18 excellent 2
Auto, Motor und Sport 255/45 R20 very good 2
Auto Bild 225/40 R18 excellent 1
Scale of scores: Highest lowest

Goodyear Ultra Grip Performance 3 is a premium winter tyre. Excellent for any passenger car, including heavier crossover or SUV vehicles.

For the third generation of its flagship winter model lineup, the well-known American brand has taken care of key aspects from the driver's point of view:

  • Confidence in driving on wet surfaces: the distinctive directional tread has numerous drainage channels that distribute liquids to the side of the tyre rather than to the front. As a result, the risk of uncontrolled skidding decreases.

  • Short braking distances: the tread features a very dense system of transverse sipes, which are designed to dig into built-up snow. As a result, braking distances are reduced and the car performs more predictably at high speeds.

  • Grip in winter conditions: UG Performance 3's greatest innovation is the additional grooves on the sidewalls, which run in the opposite direction to the rolling direction. They provide increased tyre flexibility so that shoulders do not stiffen in the cold and wheels retain more grip in cold weather.


Goodyear is a world-renowned American tyre brand. It is classified in the highest premium segment, which means the use of modern technology and high production standards. The company was founded as early as 1898 and has been a trendsetter for the entire automotive market ever since, not just for passenger cars.

Technical data:

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3 winter tyre is considered Premium class class, that is, characterised by modern technology and maximum performance.

You are currently viewing a tyre in the size 175/65 R14. The tyre is currently available in sizes between 14 to 21 inch.

The tyre has the following label parameters


class D - fuel efficiency


class C - braking distance on wet surfaces


class B - external noise

This is a tyre with indexes:

Speed index T - maximum speed you can go with this tyre is 118 mph.

Load index 82 - the maximum load this tyre can take is 475 kg.

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Available options in size 175/65 R14
14" 1 available option
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EU label
EU label
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Goodyear UltraGrip Performance 3 Tyre warranty

  • The warranty period for passenger, light truck, 4x4 and motorcycle tires is 5 years from the date of purchase or from the date of manufacture,
  • Warranty period for Goodyear and Dunlop branded truck tires - 4 years from the date of purchase (if you have proof of purchase) or 5 years from the date of manufacture - the warranty does not cover tires older than 8 years),
  • The warranty period for Sava and Fulda brand truck tires is 3 years from the date of purchase (if you have proof of purchase) or 4 years from the date of manufacture - the warranty does not cover tires older than 8 years old,
  • The warranty covers defects related to the quality of workmanship, materials or structure,
  • In the event of an accepted complaint, the tire will become the property of the manufacturer, and you will receive compensation in an amount depending on the degree of wear of the advertised tire.
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