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Goodyear Eagle Touring 255/45 R20 105 W XL, FP, MGT

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278 £ pcs.

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Tyre specifications
Vehicle type:
Speed index:
W = max 168 mph
Load index:
105 = max 925 kg
5 years from the date of purchase details
EU label:
B B B 71 dB
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Goodyear Eagle Touring

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Product description
Product description

Goodyear Eagle Touring

Type: All-season tyre

Class: Premium—the latest technological solutions and the highest quality products

Intended use: Passenger cars with more powerful engines

Goodyear Eagle Touring is an excellent example of a year-round product that provides a real sporty experience. The modern design of the model is based on a unique, symmetrical tread. It retains its full performance regardless of the weather. Be it snow, rain or scorching heat, you can drive exactly the way you like.

The modern system of sipes in the form of transverse incisions evacuates water and mud to wider circumferential channels that force them outside the tyres. The tread is dried quickly, and you can feel confident and safe when driving on wet or snow-covered roads.

The reinforced sidewalls with wide shoulder blocks improve the transfer of engine power to the tyres, increasing the performance on any type of road surface. You don't have to choose half-measures to combine safety and driving pleasure. Goodyear Eagle Touring is excellent for all road conditions and driving styles.


Manufacturer Info: Goodyear is a tyre company with sales figures that put it in third place worldwide. It was established in the United States and is now one of the oldest and most respected tyre producers. The brand's products are based on the pioneering technologies and the highest quality materials. The company is famous for its contribution to the development of industrial technologies, not only in the area of tyres. The unique solutions created by Goodyear's personnel has also influenced medicine, greatly contributing to the development of artificial heart valves or bone joints.

Technical data:

Goodyear Eagle Touring Summer tyre is considered Premium class class, that is, characterised by modern technology and maximum performance.

You are currently viewing a tyre in the size 255/45 R20. The tyre is currently available in sizes between 19 to 20 inch.

Tyre additionally:

  • Tyre is reinforced (is more resistant to heavier loads)
  • has a rim protector (the designation of this type of tyre depends on the tyre manufacturer).

The tyre has the following label parameters


class B - fuel efficiency


class B - braking distance on wet surfaces


class B - external noise

This is a tyre with indexes:

Speed index W - maximum speed you can go with this tyre is 168 mph.

Load index 105 - the maximum load this tyre can take is 925 kg.

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EU label
EU label
Tyres fitting
Tyres fitting

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Goodyear Eagle Touring Tyre warranty

  • The warranty period for passenger, light truck, 4x4 and motorcycle tires is 5 years from the date of purchase or from the date of manufacture,
  • Warranty period for Goodyear and Dunlop branded truck tires - 4 years from the date of purchase (if you have proof of purchase) or 5 years from the date of manufacture - the warranty does not cover tires older than 8 years),
  • The warranty period for Sava and Fulda brand truck tires is 3 years from the date of purchase (if you have proof of purchase) or 4 years from the date of manufacture - the warranty does not cover tires older than 8 years old,
  • The warranty covers defects related to the quality of workmanship, materials or structure,
  • In the event of an accepted complaint, the tire will become the property of the manufacturer, and you will receive compensation in an amount depending on the degree of wear of the advertised tire.
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