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Zeetex HT1000 VFM

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£ / pc. 72

Zeetex HT1000 VFM features

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Economy — very good value for money.

Intended use: SUVs and 4-wheel drive vehicles

Tread: Symmetric — good grip and resistance to mechanical damage

Size: From 15 to 17 inches

Zeetex HT1000 VFM is a summer tyre designed for SUVs and 4-wheel drives. This model performs very well on long trips and will not disappoint you in the city either. Its hardness is adequate for high temperatures, while the symmetrical tread ensures stable performance, regardless of the position and direction of rolling.

Its modern tread has a system of variable inclination, which increases driving comfort by reducing the level of noise emitted. Zeetex HT1000 VFM is well prepared for motorway trips, making them enjoyable and dynamic.

The construction of the tyre also provides adequate grip on corners and helps to keep the drive smooth. On rainy days, the wider circumferential grooves and side grooves quickly remove water, thereby preventing aquaplaning. Wave-shaped sipes ensure efficient braking performance on wet surfaces. They provide the driver with better control over the car and, therefore, a heightened sense of security.

The product is made of rubber blend which provides it with durability and prevents premature wear. The tyre retains its structure and properties even at high temperatures and is resistant to mechanical damage.

Zeetex HT1000 VFM is ideal for drivers who appreciate comfort and safety at an attractive price. Moreover, Zeetex tyres have low rolling resistance, which translates into reduced fuel consumption. The savings are doubled — you save on the price and on operational costs. Undoubtedly, they serve as an excellent alternative for used tyres.

Zeetex products are an ideal compromise between very good quality and low price.

Manufacturer Info: Zeetex is a relatively young tyre brand which was established in 2002. However, its products have quickly become known as one of the best in the economy class. In addition, the brand is growing rapidly, continuously expanding its product range and using modern technologies.  Zeetex tyres are available on all continents, in 85 countries around the world.

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