Pirelli P Zero E

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235/50 R19 103 V XL

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Product description
Product description

Pirelli P Zero E

A proposal from the Pirelli brand, the P Zero E model is a tyre in the Ultra-High Performance class for the summer season. Fitted to the car, it guarantees not only excellent driving comfort but also an unforgettable driving experience. Equipped with the manufacturer's best technologies, this model is designed for luxury and sports cars but is dedicated primarily to high-powered electric cars.

Excellent performance for the discerning

Pirelli knows how to provide its customers with a truly sporty tyre with above-average performance. The P Zero E model is the first representative of the UHP class to achieve a triple A rating on the EU label. Optimum braking, exceptional driving comfort as well as extremely high energy efficiency make it a very suitable choice for owners of electric cars.

The optimised asymmetrical tread pattern is taken from motorsport, with which the Pirelli brand has been associated for years. Wider tread blocks provide the exceptional grip that is so important for high-torque driving. The progressive edges of the sipes, combined with the decreasing grooves, significantly improve the acoustic comfort while driving. The overall design ensures not only good handling but also low rolling resistance and vehicle stability on both dry and wet surfaces.

Brimming with new technologies

To ensure the highest level of safety for the driver, the tyre is equipped with the latest RunForward technology, based on the extended mobility tyre concept. It allows up to 40 km of driving after a puncture. Unlike traditional run-flat models, the Pirelli P Zero E provides much better driving comfort as well as low noise emissions.

The ELECT designation on the sidewall indicates that the tyre design has been developed for the much more demanding electric and plug-in cars. This means that the handling characteristics of the model help to increase the performance of the vehicle while guaranteeing a long tyre lifespan. The Pirelli P Zero E was created to make driving an electric car even more fun.

First UHP tyre so environmentally friendly

The brand development department aims to achieve the lowest possible emissions. This is the concept behind the rubber compound used for the P Zero E model. It consists of up to 55% natural and recycled materials. All with the aim of reducing the negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

Pirelli is a well-known and respected premium tyre manufacturer. For more than 150 years, the company has been providing its customers with solutions to increase their comfort and safety on the road.

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Available options in size 235/50 R19
19" 1 available option
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Pirelli P Zero E Tyre warranty

  • The manufacturer guarantees the good quality of the tires and ensures the proper driving characteristics throughout their lifetime,
  • You have a 7 year warranty from the date of purchase,
  • If the complaint is accepted, the tires will be repaired, replaced with new ones, or you will receive a refund of the entire, or part of the purchase price (depending on the degree of wear).