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Neolin NeoLand VAN

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Neolin NeoLand VAN reviews

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Neolin NeoLand VAN features

Neolin NeoLand VAN is a summer tyre that has recently been on European markets, but has already won the sympathy of many users of delivery vans. Its design has been entirely created for the needs of task vehicles and will work on a wide range of Van and light truck vehicles. It is a reliable during everyday work.

The secret of exceptional performance lies in the tread design. It has been designed on the basis of a classical symmetrical pattern, in which all elements are arranged in a mirror-like pattern. Individual belts of high blocks were separated by wide peripheral channels, responsible for removing excess fluids from under the tyre. It is a design technique characteristic for off-road models, thanks to which NeoLand VAN can cope in all conditions and carrying different loads.

The pattern is very wide, extending up to the side edge of the tyre. This provides very good flexibility that will help match the loaded tyres to the surface. Cut-outs located on blocks work in a similar way.

It is worth to opt for NeoLand VAN if...

  • you are looking for a good alternative to repeatable tyres from the European market.

  • you need proven, reliable and dependable tyres for your lorry.

  • you are primarily interested in performance and efficiency of work during your daily travels.

Information about the manufacturer: Neolin summer products perfectly match all global trends. The manufacturer takes great care in the design and implementation of the technology, so that the tyres retain their properties even under extreme conditions. This is a cheap and good solution, which will certainly be of interest to many drivers travelling every day on European roads.