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Goodyear UltraGrip Performance

Vehicle type:
Rating: 111900 172 reviews

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Goodyear UltraGrip Performance reviews

Summary: 3.9 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 172 reviews

  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on car running costs. 111900 3.9
  • Comfort: Influence of the tyre on driving comfort. 111110 4.1
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 11110 4.0

172 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 26 people
  • 4 80 people
  • 3 62 people
  • 2 2 people
  • 1 2 people

91% of users recommend this tyre


We have been collecting information about this tyre for 5028 days. In that time we have received 172 reviews.
The total distance driven by our customers is 2195000 miles.

The highest rated parameter is: amortization.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving usually in the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

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  • Leszek

    Size: 205/55 R16

    Rating: 4.3 111130
    Tires recommendable. Compared to the year Dunlop Sport Max GY are great. When braking on a lasuje max brain overload. Cornering and braking Dunlopy to slide and hold GY great. Goodyeary In addition, even though they are from the beginning of winter were quiet and did not change to loud after driving more kilometers (vulcan told me that the new tires are always quiet because there are zząbkowane). Recently I changed my car and I needed a 225/40R18 front and 255/40R18 rear Lexus IS350 for. Very regretted as it turned out that, unfortunately, GY does not produce these sizes. I bought Bridgestone and are not as good is reportedly only want a premium brand, do not hold as GY mind and began to hum. In summary oponki great there is nothing to wonder just take. Regards Leszek

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Matt

    Size: 205/55 R16

    Rating: 4.2 111120
    Hello everybody. I bought these tyres partly because of the price and partly due to the reviews on this website. I wasn't entirely convinced. Now, with the clear conscience I can say that Goodyear UG Performance are superb. I installed them when the temperature fell down to about 5 degrees. The driving on the dry - perfect, on the wet by the plus temperature also great. The behaviour on the corners - very good. Snow fell, it became slippery. The tyres perform the best. On the ice - spikes or snow chains ( I gave 4 so the overall result was better as the Goodyear UG PERFORMANCE are really worth recommending). The loudness level coming out during the driving will be satisfactory for the most demanding people. I recommend them to everyone.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Jaimie

    Size: 205/55 R16

    Rating: 4.2 111120
    Absolutely amazing tyres. I had the same model and size in Toyota Avensis d4d 150 HP and now I've been driving on them in Ford Mondeo 115 HP. In both cases it was perfect! Now in Mondeo the tyres are treated gently to the speed of 170 km/h, whereas in Avensis up to 230 km/h (TOTAL EXTREME always foot on the accelerator to the full). The driving mostly in winter on the motorways. (Mileage in Avensis after 4 months of using - 42000 km and 4mm of tread remained so they ended their life but many times they saved my life. If somebody has problems with driving on these tyres the problem lies in the fact that one drives some rattle with poor or crushed suspension and this is not the problem of tyres.

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: Ben

    Size: 225/55 R16

    Rating: 4.5 111150
    Goodyear UG PERFORMANCE is splendid for winter! Moving off on the snowy surface is a pure pleasure - both when it is a new tyre and slightly worn. Now I have about 5,5mm of tread and through the whole winter season traction control switched on maybe 5 times - which cannot be said about my previous winter tyres (e.g. Michelin). In the corners the car holds perfectly and can be easily cotrolled during the sudden braking. In the slush and on the wet surface it performs splendid - as a typical rain tyre. On the dry surface it is slightly too soft, therefore, one can feel less secure in the corners and during the braking. Besides, on the dry it is too loud - it rumbles.

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  • Piotr W

    Size: 215/55 R16

    Rating: 3.3 111300
    The tire does not hold at all on the ice-covered snow, utrudnionione management, not to mention the braking, also tested them on the posligowej and I was not able to go around a curve at a speed of 40 km / h, the guardian of the track he thought that I had established summer tires, the total match and the UG-7 founded on identical cars did not have such problems behave much better. Total lack of grip, are suitable only for dry asphalt. Opononach inhibiting those delays do not feel a pressing harder every brake results in starting the ABS. Apart from these drawbacks have not noticed more smoke to the car, it also has low noise levels. Definitely not recommended.

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Reviews per page:

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance features

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance is a premium class tyre designed for winter season. Goodyear is a renowned tyres’ producer. Goodyear UltraGrip Performance model guarantees high performance on the snow, ice and slush. In order to ensure better adhesion, numerous, tiny cuttings have been used as well as modern and resistant materials that are environmentally friendly. Additionally, long life and driving comfort has been obtained.

Goodyear UltraGrip Perfomance tyre has been designed in accordance with the Mid-European moderate climate. The constructors have equipped it’ with modern, asymmetrical tread adjusted to the drive in all conditions. In the tyre’s production rubber compound with the addition of silica compound has been used. Expert production period ensures that the tyre has advanced fiber’ layout. According to the new European directives, the quantity of toxic, multi-annular aromatic hydrocarbons has been minimized. Therefore, the tyre is more environmentally friendly. In order to ensure safe traction on wet road 4 wide and deep peripheral grooves have been used. The pattern guarantees efficient draining off of the water and slush reducing also the risk of aquaplaning and snowplaning. Special, three-dimensional fuses’ cuttings are responsible for the safe traction during driving on the slippery and icy road. They were produced in 3D-technology. Their structure creates Waffle Blade system. Fuses increase the stiffness of the tyre maintaining better adhesion and more precise steering on the icy and snowy surface. They shorten the braking distance and protect the tyre from skidding during moving out and accelerating. To ensure stable and smooth traction, in the shoulder’ zone solid fin has been used. Additionally, noise level has been reduced through the proper layout of the tread’ blocks.

Goodyear UltraGrip Perfomance is a winter tyre designed for the passenger cars of the medium and premium class. The tyre is recommended both for the modern, high engine capacity’ limousines and for the sport cars. It is adapted for the fast and dynamic driving. The tyre can be used in the transitional season. It does not lose its’ properties even in higher temperatures.

Goodyear UltraGrip Performance is the winter tyre designed for the passenger cars of the medium and premium class. It’s the premium class tyre which ensures the highest quality.