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Goodyear Eagle Sport AS

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All season
£ / pc. 136

Goodyear Eagle Sport AS features

Goodyear Eagle SP AS is the natural heir to the Goodyear Eagle LS2, and its advanced design even improves on its predecessor. It can be driven in all seasons, and, as you would expect from a premium-range tyre, it provides the highest performance for your money. The technologically-advanced design promotes a safe ride, with versatile handling in any conditions.

Goodyear Eagle SP AS utilizes an asymmetrical tread pattern. This design enables superior handling and enhanced grip throughout the year. Additionally, the tread offers phenomenal wet and dry performance, with advanced grip in wintery conditions.

Goodyear Eagle SP AS uses inboard shoulder blocks which allow the tyre to “bite”, and give improved traction even when the tyre starts to wear. The notched centre ribs enhance steering, control and help with durability. The sidewall design improves the responsiveness of the steering, and makes for a stable ride.

Goodyear Eagle SP AS also has a rim-protector to prevent mechanical failure against “kerbing”. Grooves around the circumference of the tyre help with water drainage and enhance traction in wet conditions.

Goodyear Eagle Sport AS reviews

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Sizes & Prices Of Goodyear Eagle Sport AS

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Tyre name: Size: LI/SI: Price: Quantity:
245/45 R18 100 H £ 148 Buy
245/50 R20 105 V £ 163 Buy
255/45 R19 104 H £ 145 Buy
255/60 R18 108 W £ 84 Buy
255/60 R18 108 H £ 92 Buy
265/40 R20 104 H £ 179 Buy
265/50 R19 110 W £ 137 Buy

Offers per page: