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  • 10/08/2017
  • Author: OPONEO.CO.UK

Technology and motoring are two of the biggest trending topics right now, and thanks to the increasing availability of technology, the two are becoming increasingly blurred.

The term ‘smart-phone’ is more than well-recognised, we also have smart-cars that can drive themselves, keep to a speed limit or GPS linked climate-control.

The time for automotive smart-phone apps might be limited – it can’t be too many years before due to advanced technology the car doesn’t need them, but for now, here’s our choice of the best picks.

Auto Trader Mobile

While some of you may be expecting a list of apps that help on a journey, or to keep an eye on costs, we start the list with an app which makes searching for a new car effortless.
The app version of the desktop site works seamlessly, allowing you a number of parameters to help you find an ideal car for your budget. You can search by distance, price, make, model … it’s simple, convenient and fault-free.

Better yet, register for a free account and you can save your searches or favourite models to your garage and return to them at any time or just when you’re back on a full-sized screen.


JamCam Traffic Info & Live Cameras

Satnav system users receive daily messages about hold-ups, roadworks and the best alternatives to reroute. Usually you wonder how up to the minute that information is, hoping that the hold-up will have cleared when you get there.

JamCam will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Not only does it give you an up to the minute live traffic update, but it also allows you to tap into the camera network that  surrounds the major roads and motorways that run the length and breadth of the country.

RingGo Parking

Approximately, there were 31.7 million cars in the UK in 2016 and that number is rising year-on-year. Finding a parking space in a busy city centre is becoming increasingly challenging, and even when you do, it’s often needing a pocketful of coins to stop for an hour.

RingGo covers most of the UK, and once registered (which is very easy), it takes seconds to pay for your parking without the aforementioned pocket of change – just key in the 4-digit location code and you’re away.



Surely we’ve all heard the phrase of ‘Crash for Cash’ and it has to be one of the most dreaded phrases to do with motoring; it can lead to not just expensive car repairs, but personal liability injury claims as well.

Drivers have started combating it with dashcams – small cameras affixed to the windscreen that record everything in front of them (some even do a simultaneous rear-view). However, most of us use a smart-phone now, and there are many apps available that do a similar job.

Carcorder is one the apps which record in hi-def, use GPS tracking and have a built-in accelerometer. It’s also possible to program it to dial an emergency number in the event of an accident.

WhatGas Petrol Prices

Fuel prices are ever increasing, the government takes a flat rate of 57.95p per litre of fuel, and then takes a further 20% in VAT just for good measure - paying for that fuel is a significant expense.

WhatGas is a handy app that uses location services to give you not just the nearest petrol station, but also lists the price of the fuel being sold there. A few pence here and there may not sound a lot, but multiply that by the miles you cover, and it soon mounts up.


Digital Garage

This is a useful and uncomplicated app that stores information about your vehicle(s). By simply entering a registration number, the database should find it

Digital Garage includes information about your car (specification for example), service reminders, tax and MOT information. This app even gives you an approximate valuation of your car. There’s also a handy section that notifies you of recalls and a place to store contact details – insurance, breakdown and the like.

Search ‘Automotive’

There are thousands of apps on the UK app store for motorists, some of them require the warning of “You should never use your phone while driving” while others cover almost every single interest relating to the automotive world.

For the purpose of this article, we’ve deliberately excluded many terrific apps that require user-interaction while driving; recent legislation regarding hands-free phone use is in force, and a very hot topic right now.

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