ADAC summer tyre test 2017

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Not sure which tyres to buy for the upcoming summer season? Or are you wondering which summer tyre model will provide with the best safety and comfort, regardless of the weather conditions? Let the ADAC tests help you make the right decision.

The ADAC German automobile club carries out tests each season, enabling drivers to choose the best tyres available on the market. These tests provide you with information on how certain models behave in specific conditions. Thanks to this, you can see how each tyre performs in regards to the parameters that are most important to you, in addition to each tyre’s overall quality.

Tests conducted by ADAC have enjoyed popularity among motorists for many years. (Photo ADAC)

ADAC are not alone in organising specialist tyre tests. Such tests are conducted by various other prestigious motoring organisations and car magazines every year.

You can see the latest ADAC tyre test results here:

Here, we have included this year’s results (the Summer tyre test 2017), as well as last years. This is because ADAC only test a small area of the tyre industry each year. Due to the vast number of tyre sizes available, and the length of an average tyre life, this means that the previous year’s results are often still valid.

For example, you will notice that, this year, ADAC again decided to test summer tyres in size 195/65 R15. However, this looks at the wider range, whereas 2016’s test looked directly at economy class products. Similarly, there is no test for 225/45 R17 summer tyres this year but, aside from any brand new products, the results from last year are still perfectly valid.

Additional Information

Of course, ADAC is not the only source of tyre reviews. In addition to other motoring organisations and magazines, you can also use reviews from drivers that have already experienced the tyres.

In fact, these can be used as a great supportive source. While ADAC’s results offer a breakdown of various parameters, these additional reviews will nonetheless highlight how they operate in daily use, often over longer periods of time.

Here, we have a round up of the most recent reviews from our drivers:

What is ADAC involved in besides these tests?

ADAC tests are considered to be among the most prestigious tyre tests performed in the world. Although the results may sometimes cause controversy, the models recommended by ADAC nonetheless enjoy unflagging popularity among motorists.

Of course, this isn’t to say that the German automobile club limits itself to the publication of automotive magazines, atlases and maps.It also operates a roadside assistance network and training centres, specialising in road safety courses. Furthermore, ADAC involves itself with testing cars, checking the safety of ferries and various tunnels, in addition to offering car insurance.

Finding the right summer tyres

Ultimately, there is no such thing as the perfect tyre. Every design is a compromise of various factors, so you should identify which factors are important to you.

You should also remember that, while extremely helpful,  tests performed by professional organisations and magazines are just one source of information. Ideally, you should seek information from a mix of different sources, as well as reading the tyre label itself. If in doubt, you can always contact us on 0800 066 3422 and we will help you find the best tyres for your car.

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