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Snow Chains

  • łańcuchy śniegowe AutoSock
  • łańcuchy śniegowe ICE STAR
  • łańcuchy śniegowe Icefoxx
  • łańcuchy śniegowe ISSE
  • łańcuchy śniegowe JOPE
  • łańcuchy śniegowe Maggi Catene
  • łańcuchy śniegowe pewag
  • łańcuchy śniegowe Spikes-Spider
  • łańcuchy śniegowe Veriga

Snow chains today are made from high quality materials. They offer the user safety and comfort when driving in snowy conditions, in mountains or difficult terrain.

In many places across the Europe the use of snow chains is either obligatory by law or highly recommended. Ignoring this warning could put you and your passengers at risk. It may be tempting to purchase low-cost chains, but this is not advisable. You should buy only certified products: top-quality, thick nickel-chrome-manganese chains from known manufacturers.

When buying snow chains, bear in mind the size of your tyres. If you purchase a size of chain not specifically suited to your wheels, you may find it difficult to fit the chains. Before purchasing snow chains, check your vehicle’s user manual to see what size you can use. Consider how often you will be using the chains and make sure there is enough space for them in the wheel arch. Do not exceed speeds of 25 mph while driving with snow chains and remove them when returning to clear road.