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Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 90/90-21 54 T Front TL M/C M+S


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Tyre size:
Speed index:
T = max 118 mph
Load index:
54 = max 212 kg
Vehicle axle:
Tyre kind:
Vehicle type:
Tyre type:
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    £ / pc. 104
    Rating: Good 111700 21 reviews
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User reviews

Summary: 3.7 Summary: Overall rating is a weighted average of individual performance, not the arithmetic mean. Some of a tyre’s features have a greater impact on the overall assessment, while some will have a lesser impact. 21 reviews

  • Costs: Influence of the tyre on motorcycle running costs. 118000 2.8
  • Drivability: Influence of the tyre on drivability. 111300 3.3
  • Off-road properties: Tyre behaviour during off-road driving. 111120 4.2

21 customers have rated this tyre

  • 5 2 people
  • 4 14 people
  • 3 4 people
  • 2 0 people
  • 1 1 people

95% of users recommend this tyre


The highest rated parameter is: terrain driving impression.

This tyre was reviewed by users driving all terrain and outside the city.

This tyre was reviewed by drivers who assess their driving style as moderate.

Latest Reviews:

Reviews per page:

  • Jon Langford

    Size: 90/90-21

    Rating: 3.9 111900
    I have had maybe 10 sets of these tyres and have always found them to grip well in all situations. I have commuted to work inc motorways and ridden the Trans America trail with these tyres on my XT 600. Amazingly, given where I have ridden this bike, I had never had a single puncture with TKC 80 tyres fitted.I always fit rim locks to prevent tyre slip when using low pressures. The only negative comment is that they do tend to wear quite quickly. Have tried other tyres,MT20 etc but always come back to TKC 80's

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  • Stash

    Size: 90/90-21

    Rating: 3.5 111500
    Good all round dual sport tyre.

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    Size: 90/90-21

    Rating: 5.0 11111

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  • Ali Simmons

    Size: 100/90-19

    Rating: 4.1 111110
    Fantastic off-road tyres that also work extremely well on the black top. I've used these TK80's on all types of surfaces, but the one that suprised me the most was on normal tarmac roads. The cornering in the dry is much much better than I was expecting in such an off road pattern tyre. However, the downside is the wet - I just don't try too hard in the wet, "just in case". However, I took a set around a 3000 mile Euro trip and it proved an excellent choice. Now to mention the good looks it has (in my opinion).

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  • Opinion from outside the UK user: D@rius

    Size: 110/80 B19

    Rating: 3.7 111700
    I have drove on Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 8000 miles, and half of it off road and I have still 5mm of tread. Perfect tyre and simply outstandidg handling on turns. There is no sliding at all on wet surface.

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Reviews per page:

Tyre description

Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 90/90-21 54 T Front TL M/C M+S

Technology description: Are you looking for reliable off-road tyres? Do you want precise control and safe driving regardless the weather conditions? Yes? Then Continental TKC 80 Twinduro is the best option for you.

Its optimised tread pattern guarantees stable cornering and steering precision even on wet roads. Robust tread blocks efficiently remove water and mud from the front of the tyre, quickly drying the tread. As a result, grip remains high even during bad weather. Numerous incisions on the tread ensure excellent stability on soft ground. They make the tyre "grip" the road surface ensuring full control. The improved tyre profile provides better driving properties and greater resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. This will help you to enjoy the full performance of Continental TKC 80 Twinduro for a long period of time. Engineers working on the tyre also took care of the uniform distribution of forces acting on it. This translates into a more uniform tread wear, which ensures safer driving throughout the operational life of the tyre.

Continental TKC 80 Twinduro is a tyre for motorcyclists who expect a long service life and high-performance in diverse weather conditions from their tyres. Driving comfort and excellent grip guarantee that your bike will always show its full potential.

Manufacturer Info: Continental is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. The company supplies premium tyres designed with the use of innovative technologies and the highest quality materials. The performance of Continental tyres is confirmed not only by millions of satisfied drivers, but also by specialists from automotive magazines and organisations, who put them to many various tests. In addition to Continental, the company owns other brands, including Barum, Semperit, Uniroyal, Viking and General tyre. The high quality of Continental tyres is confirmed by car manufacturers, who fit them as standard on their vehicles.


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