What do you need to know before buying an electric car? For one, but there are tyres on the market that are better for your EV than the ones you would use on a petrol car. If you have a luxury electric car in your garage, then you’re going to want to make sure that the tyres you kit it out with are the best of the best.

With that in mind, what features should you look for while shopping for your EV?

tyres for luxury electric cars

EV tyres – what’s the difference?

Tyres have always come in different makes and models before. What’s the difference, though, between a tyre you’d find on a petrol-powered vehicle and the ones that work best with EVs?

Electric vehicle tyres generally require higher sidewalls than normal tyres. Similarly, they need to be able to carry more weight. Why? Because your EV battery and engine weigh more than a solo petrol engine. Partner that increased tyre strength with lower-rolling resistance and a proper tread, and your luxury electric car will handle like a dream on the road.

Tyre shopping – what to look for

If you’ve never owned a luxury EV before, you may not know what kind of car tyres will serve you best. Before you purchase the first set you find, consider some of the key features your luxury EV tyres should have.

EV tyres

Low-rolling resistance

Luxury electric cars may have better mileage per charge than economy models, but you’ll still want to do everything you can to extend your vehicle’s mileage. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in a set of low rolling resistance tyres. Tyres with less rolling resistance don’t take as much energy to rotate. Investing in a set like this will help your car conserve energy after a charge and take you further down the road.

That said, low-rolling resistance tyres are only as good as their inflation. Be sure to check the preferred weight of your tyres and fill them – or deflate them – appropriately before heading out on the road. An over-inflated tyre will have as much of a negative impact on your mileage as an underinflated tyre.

Aim for tyres that last longer

  • Reinforced sidewalls

  • High load ranges

  • Extra grip

Class A fuel efficiency 

When in doubt, you’ll want to try and fix your EV up with a set of Class A Fuel Efficiency tyres. These are the most expensive tyres on the market, true, but they’re also designed to take the weight of your car into account while keeping driving fun. Not only that, but Class A tyres often require fewer repairs and rotations over their lifespan. Get a pair of fuel efficiencies, and you’ll earn your money back in little to no time at all.

change EV tyres

Should you change EV tyres every season?

Summer tyres and winter tyres both have their benefits. If you’re shopping for EV tyres, though, do you need to worry about swapping your tyres over once the weather starts to turn? 

While all season tyres will get you where you need to go, you’ll be protecting your luxury EV if you purchase both summer and winter tyres. Summer tyres, after all, have more tread than all season tyres and will be able to grip the road more effectively on rainy days. Likewise, the swap over to winter tyres will better prepare you for ice and sleet in the colder months of the year.

Best EV tyres available

A number of tyre manufacturers are already moving to make EV luxury tyres available in their catalogues. If you want to purchase a pair of tyres on the same day you bring your EV home, you can safely choose from any of the following:

These tyres are not only recommended by their manufacturers but by tyre retailers operating internationally.

tyres for electric cars

Maintaining your tyres keeps your car safer, whether you’re driving a commercial EV or a luxury hybrid. With that in mind, don’t settle for the tyres that come with your car. Whether you need to replace them or want a pair that matches your car in luxury, you’ll be able to find the best EV tyres for your ride after a little bit of digging.