Thanks to 70 thousand opinions submitted by driviers on our portal you are able to learn about the best summer tyres for season 2014.

The particular models appearing in the ranking below are ordered according to the best ratings given by the users. In order to make your choice even easier, one of the models in the ranking have been given the „recomended by OPONEO” quality mark, meaning that in our opinion it deserves special attention.

Cars fitted to tyres in size 185/60 R14 include, for example, Lancia Dedra, Seat Córdoba, Toledo, Ibiza, VW Golf, Polo, Vento. 

Top-rated summer tyres in size 185/60 R14 according to OPONEO users

Tyre modelScore * 
1. Fulda ECOCONTROL HP 4.4See offer.
2. Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse4.4See offer.
3. Uniroyal RainExpert 4.3See offer.
4. Nokian Line4.3See offer.
5. Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP4.1See offer.

*based on ratings to 16 XII 2013.

Scores are on a scale from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest. 

Fulda ECOCONTROL HP (average rating 4.4)



There are as many as 120 opinions concerning this tyre. Among them, 69 opinions (57%) have awarded it with a very good mark (5). Good parametres cause 98% of the tyre's users to recommend it to others. The most important advantages of this model are: quick and effective drainage of water, very good performance on dry surfaces, superb braking and moving off (even with a fair load). Besides, the drivers pay special attention to slow and even tyre wear and high comfort of ride.

The users of the tyre confirm that it was a very good price-to-quality ratio that helped them make the decision of purchasing it.

The tyre’s high rating is due to a modern, asymmetrical tread pattern.

This model  was granted with a series of awards in 4 tests organised in 2013 (ADAC, ACE/GTÜ, „Auto Bild” and „Auto Motor und Sport”) What is more, in 2012 the tyre was placed third in ACE/GTÜ test of tyres in size  205/55 R16.

Fulda is a German producer of middle-class tyres. The company belongs to Goodyear group.

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse (average rating 4.4)

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse tyre

Dunlop SP Sport Bluresponse.

Nearly a half of users state that the tyre's performance is on the highest level. What is more, 43% have rated this tyre as a very good giving it a 5. As many as 97% of the users recommend these tyres to others.

Due to excellent performance on every type of summer surface the model of Dunlop tyre won drivers' recognition. The tyre provides fuel economy, very good braking and moving off, safe negotiating corners and demonstrates rapid response to turning of a steering-wheel.

All credits for such a great performance go to an asymmetrical tread pattern. 

In 2013 rankings, the tyre was placed first four times and placed third once. A year before, the tyre was placed second in the test of the magazine „Auto Motor und Sport”, and in  TÜV SÜD demonstrated the best performance when it comes to work on wet surfaces. It demonstrated low rolling resistance and optimal noise levels.

Dunlop is a premium tyre brand, having on its credit, inter alia  34 victories in 24h Le Mans  race. Dunlop belongs to the Goodyear group. 

Uniroyal RainExpert (average rating 4.3)

Uniroyal RanExpert tyre

Uniroyal RanExpert.

The Uniroyal RanExpert is willingly rated by drivers. As many as 60% of its users have given it a very good mark – 5, and 30% have awarded it with the highest possible score – 6! The best argument for this tyre and for drivers' devotion to this particular tyre is the fact that 96% of them recommend it to others.

Uniroyal specializes in the manufacture of rain tyres. Therefore, this comes as no surprise that the best-rated parameter of this tyre is its performance on wet surfaces. The users praise a very good price-to-quality ratio. The tyre is characterised by silent work and excellent traction in every weather condition typical to summer season. Perfect work on all of the summer surfaces confirmed by high ratings from our users is a reason for why it bears the quality mark „recomended by OPONEO”.

Excellent performance of the tyre is possible due to a directional tread pattern. (the best choice for rainy conditions) Uniroyal is a Belgian producer of middle-class tyres that specialises in the manufacture of rain tyres. The company belongs to the Continental group.

Nokian Line (average rating 4.3)

Nokian Line tyre

Nokian Line.

The tyre has attracted a large number of comments and there are as many as 181 opinions concerning it. 56% of the users have assesed its performance as very good giving it a 5. 36% of them have awarded it with the top rating – 6. What is more, as many as 95% of all evaluators decidedly recommend it to other drivers.

Reading the opinions one may notice that accodring to the users the Nokian Line is characterised by high comfort of ride, low rolling resistance (what translates to a significantly lower fuel consumption), excellent grip on every pavement typical to summer conditions (good roadholding even whilst cornering) and a very attractive design.

The tyre’s good performance is due to a modern, asymmetrical tread pattern, which is especially good at adapting to different summer conditions. 

The Nokian Line got „recommended” and „highly recommended” marks in the summer tyre tests organised by ADAC, ACE/GTÜ and „Auto Bild” magazine in 2013. The same year the tyre was placed second in the „Auto Motor und Sport” test of tyres in size 205/55 R16 V.

Nokian is a Finnish manufacturer of top-of-the-range tyres.

Goodyear EFFICIENTGRIP (average rating 4.1)



59% of the users have decided to give it a very good mark. This model is recommended by as many as 92% of the drivers. „Amazing comfort of ride”, „I was surprised by the rolling resistance”, „Takes turns smoothly”, „The car is constantly under control” - this is only a part of the comments submitted by the drivers. 

According to the users, the tyre is characterised by all-round performance, it demonstrates great work on every summer surface (whether its a straight or a curved way).

Excellent parameters are due to a modern, asymmetrical tread pattern.

Goodyear is a worldwide appreciated American producer of top-class tyres. Such brands as Dębica, Sava, Fulda and Dunlop are part of the Goodyear group.