Small cars can successfully overcome difficult winter conditions on the roads, but they need proper tyres. When choosing new winter tyres, drivers prefer to avoid blind luck but are often reluctant to rely solely on the automotive test results. That is why we have prepared a ranking of five highest scoring models of winter tyres rated by drivers on Oponeo portal. Opinions based on thousands kilometres long experience is a great source of knowledge that cannot be ignored.   

Winter tyres should ensure safety in diversifies conditions.Winter tyres should ensure safety in diversifies conditions.

The ratings given by drivers to individual tyre models cover the following aspects: driving economy, driving comfort, tyre traction on dry and wet road surfaces. The experience of actual users has one particular advantage over other tests – it is collected on the basis of driving a variety of cars and take into account the price-quality ratio.

175/65 R15 tyres are mounted on the following car models: Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Panda Cross, Honda Insight, Honda Jazz, Mercedes A Class, Mini Clubman, Mini Cooper, Mini One, Nissan Note, Suzuki Swift, Toyota IQ, Toyota Yaris.

Suitable tyre sizes are provided in our special size database.

The best 175/65 R15 tyres according to drivers


1. Nokian WR D4


2. Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452


3. Dunlop SP Winter Response 2


4. Imperial Snowdragon HP


5. Nokian WR D3


*As of September 2019

The average rating was calculated based on the scores awarded by customers in the period from January 2018 to September 2019 on a school grade scale, i.e. from 1 to 6. The list includes tyre models that received the minimum number of reviews required. The results presented in our online store may differ from scores in the list, because the ratings apply only to tyre size 175/65 R15.

Nokian WR D4 – 5,7

It is no coincidence that the best-rated winter tyres proved to be the flagship product of the manufacturer who designed the first "winter tyre" 85 years ago. Every year, the WR D4 performs exceptionally well in various independent tyre tests. Regardless of whether the road surface is covered with water, mud or snow, Nokian tyres handle all these obstacles perfectly, maintaining the desired grip and traction.

The distinctive feature of Nokian WR D4 leaving all competitors behind is a unique combination of the "A" class in terms of stopping distance on wet surfaces and good comfort and economy of use.

That is what our clients say about Nokian:

  • Tyres of excellent quality, very quiet, excellent grip, performing great in the mountains with heavy snow on the roads. There was no problem even with climbing uphill in such difficult conditions. We could compare their quality when climbing the same snowy and slippery hill on old tires from another manufacturer a year earlier, which had been a real challenge. (Robert)
  • Cool, quiet tyres, the difference in fuel consumption between a summer set of a similar class is negligible. Perfect grip even in warmer temperature. (MJ.)

Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 – 5,3

The mid-market tyre brand scored second place in the ranking. Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 is a product offering exceptional grip on snowy surface at a reasonable price. The tyres also feature low rolling resistance which can be a decisive factor for drivers who want to reduce fuel consumption.

Oponeo portal users appreciate this model of tyres primarily for robust design and affordable price. These tyres are best suited to regular urban driving but will also perform well on longer routes and more challenging roads.

What do the drivers think about this model?

  • The tyre is perfectly suitable for the typical weather conditions in our country. Works really great on wet surfaces (MiP)
  • Definitely the best tyres in this class (Mario)
  • Quality, comfort and safety! These are the three advantages guaranteed by Hankook tyres. Highly recommended! (Paulina)

Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 – 5,1

Dunlop SP Winter Response 2 - a premium tyre model with real racing provenance came third in the ranking. It guarantees safety and maximum driving precision in winter conditions. It has been proven beyond any doubt by the results of this year's tests that the designers of this tyre model succeeded in 100% as Dunlop was first in the ADAC 2019 ranking.

The directional tread quickly drains water and slush from under the tyre thus preventing the risk of aquaplaning. On the other hand, our customers have noticed that the tyres are particularly good at dynamic acceleration.

Drivers describe the performance of Dunlop tires as follows:

  • Excellent tyres, with proven quality in tests in various conditions, increasing driving safety. Very quiet, which enhances comfort of driving. (Magda)
  • Very comfortable tyres in terms of driving. Perfectly enhancing the performance of the entire suspension. I have the impression of greater driving comfort. In addition, acoustic properties were a big surprise. Tires are very quiet. I really couldn't expect such a performance. I fully recommend those tires, and certainly if I were to buy any tires again, I would choose Dunlop. (Matt)
  • I consider these tyres a good choice, the grip when braking on the snow deserves 5+, absolutely excellent. No problem with acceleration on a snowy road, I have been really surprised in many traffic situations. DUNLOP is a good company offering relatively affordable tires. I can fully recommend this model. (Daniel R.)

Imperial Snowdragon HP – 5.1

The first budget model in 175/65 R15 size in the ranking. It enjoys great reputation among drivers who appreciate these tyres for their good price-quality ratio and reliability.

Imperial Snowdragon HP is manufactured with a standard directional tread. A combination of longitudinal and transverse sipes enables the tyre to maintain good grip in difficult road conditions, owing to which the car has good traction even on snow-covered roads. The rubber compound resistant to low temperatures prevent the tyres from losing their elasticity also at minus temperatures.

This is what Oponeo clients say about the Imperial Snowdragon HP model:

  • Very affordable price and quality worth recommendation for their performance when driving in winter season in urban and suburban conditions alike. The tyres are really quiet and you can hear them only at the speed above 120-130 km/h. (BT)
  • I strongly recommend those tyres to everyone. Considering their excellent quality, they are offered at very attractive price; these were the first tires which did the job when  driving in the mountains in heavy snowfall, frost and ice with no problems (and I drive there a lot on business). After one season, the tyres look like brand new. I can recommend this model to anyone hesitating - they are really great! :) (Martha)

Nokian WR D3

It comes as no surprise that the most renowned snow tyres - the Finnish Nokian prevail in the ranking of best rated winter 175 65 R15 tyres. It is the second model by the Scandinavian manufacturer which scored excellent rating. The experience of driving on the roads in the frosty north of the Old Continent has contributed to the development of original technologies designed for driving in the most challenging conditions.

The advanced rubber compound not only reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, but also guarantees extended tyre life.

Nokian WR D3 described by our customers:

  • I can recommend this model, I have never experienced skidding. (PR)
  • These tyres perform excellent on both wet and dry road surfaces, I find them also perfect at cornering, no skidding, perfect grip when starting. Truly recommended. (Mdr)
  • I have been looking for good winter tires that would not lose traction when starting in the snow for a really long time. These tires fall into the snow like a knife in butter, perfect for the winter season. (Michael)

How do you choose good winter tyres?

If you are looking for reliable winter tyres, choose proven solutions. Reference information on individual models can be obtained from several sources. First of all, it is worth trusting drivers who had the opportunity to check the tyres in real road conditions. Compare their impressions with the results of tests conducted by automotive experts - e.g. the periodic tests organized by German ADAC. Last but not least - read the tyre label before buying. It contains standardized ratings for rolling resistance, stopping distance and grip on wet surface and noise generation. However, it should be remembered that rating parameters refer to in "summer" performance and are not representative for critical winter conditions.