Choosing the right tyres for the winter is crucial for safe driving in winter conditions. Check which 175/65 R15 size tyre models are particularly recommended by users of our website!

175/65 R15 size tyres are fitted on compact and medium class cars, e.g., Fiat Grande Punto, Fiat Panda Cross, Honda Insight, Honda Jazz, Mercedes A Class, Mini Clubman, Mini Cooper, Mini One, Nissan Note, Suzuki Swift, Toyota IQ or Toyota Yaris. 

If you use one these models and you want to drive safely this winter, then this article is just for you. We present 5 tyre models of that size to you, which are highly rated by drivers (users of our website). Reading the following article will help you choose the best tyres this winter.


Winter tyres must ensure safety in diverse conditions.

Winter tyres must ensure safety in diverse conditions.


               TYRE MODEL 



1. Michelin Alpin A4

             5.5   (see reviews)

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2. Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie III

             5.45 (see reviews)

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3. BFGoodrich G-Force Winter

               5.25 (see reviews)

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4. Goodyear Ultra Grip 9

               5.25 (see reviews)

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5. Nokian WR D3

               5.2   (see reviews)

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* rating number of comments applies to this tyre size, the overall assessment of a given model may slightly differ from that presented, as of September 2017.


Reliable Michelin took first place 

Drivers visiting awarded Michelin Alpin A4 with the highest grades. This is the model that, over the past few years, has gained high scores in tests carried out by some of Europe’s top experts. It’s innovative tread and optimised rubber compound provides the ideal solution for winter conditions. Michelin is a brand known for its focus on the safety of drivers. This is reflected in excellent results from safety and braking tests performed on different road surfaces.


Michelin Alpin A4

Michelin Alpin A4

This high result of the popular Michelin Alpin A4 is confirmed by the opinions of drivers. Drivers often refer to the best possible choice and reliability of the product, "Such driving confidence is worth the higher price", "It combines excellent amortisation properties with great driving performance ", "I have to admit that this is the best winter tyre I’ve used so far." 

The product is perfect for the difficult winter aura, "Faultless on snow, during trips to the mountains and excellent on slush", "The tyre performs superbly during cold winters with heavy snowfall." For the last few years, Michelin Alpin A4 has been a leader in winter tyres, offering quality that satisfies all drivers.


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Pirelli's "Winter-breaker" is number two 

The second most valued 175/65 R15 size winter tyre in is one of the flagship models of the Pirelli brand. The manufacturer of the third generation of SnowControl model calls it the "Winter-breaker". Driving on these tyres is not only safe, but also comfortable. With tyres provided by this Italian brand, winter is no longer a stressful experience. Their precise and refined design ensures problem-free pulling-away from a snowy parking place, faster and more reliable cornering or stopping at a junction.


See Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie III:


Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie III won several awards in winter tests organised by leading European automotive organisations and magazines. The quality of the model is also confirmed by many positive opinions provided by users, e.g., "Snow, both fresh and frozen, is no longer a problem, the grip of the tyre is really sensational ", "Fantastic cornering properties, pulling away is easy - I recommend this tyre to all drivers that feel uncertain in winter weather", "Good performance both on dry and wet roads, the model copes very well with slush", "Good traction on snow, the tyre is quiet when driving on dry asphalt." Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie III is one of the best tyre in its class.


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BF Goodrich in third position 

The third place on the podium was taken by model BFGoodrich G-Force Winter. The tyre, which is produced in collaboration with Michelin (this brand is owned by the company), very quickly became one of the most popular medium-class tyres. The manufacturer divided the performance of this model into 3 areas: START, DRIVING, STOP. This means excellent grip during acceleration, full control on winter roads and effective braking regardless of road conditions.


See BFGoodrich G-Force Winter:


The manufacturer's declarations are confirmed by users, "Superb driving in the snow", "No slip on wet surfaces when pulling away and braking", "Driving out of deep snow is not a problem", "After using it for one winter, I can recommend it to everyone. Very smooth control in all conditions." BF Goodrich G-Force Winter has gained the trust of many drivers, who recognise its high quality and excellent performance.


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Goodyear Ultra Grip 9 and Nokian WR D3 just behind the podium 

Both experts and drivers consider Goodyear tyres as one the best products on the market. Ultra Grip 9 received very high notes among users of our website. In total, it received 5.25 on a scale of 1-6. These high marks were awarded for its reliability and high level of performance. Its modern tread design with an advanced system of sipes and blocks is ideal for the winter season.


See Goodyear Ultra Grip 9:


During tests, the tyre was particularly good in categories related to braking distance on snow and on wet roads. The excellent quality of products offered by this American manufacturer is confirmed by the opinions of Oponeo’s users, "Superb grip in almost all conditions, very low rolling resistance and quiet travel", "Ticks all the boxes for a modern, safe and economical tyre for all weather conditions", "The tyre is very good even for trips in difficult mountain conditions."


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The last tyre in our ranking is the Nokian WR D3. This model is considered by many drivers as the most versatile. These popular tyres from the Finnish manufacturer are tested in harsh Scandinavian conditions, which makes them reliable regardless of the weather. Their excellent grip and durable rubber compound ensure full control of the vehicle on snowy and icy roads. These tyres are appreciated both by city commuters and off-road drivers.


See Nokian WR D3:


If you are looking for a safe and comfortable tyre, then this is the model for you. Silent Sidewall is a unique technology that ensures that a car equipped with Nokian WR D3 moves smoothly and doesn’t generate excessive noise and vibration. Our customers appreciated the efforts of the Finnish manufacturer by rating the tyre with 5.2 from a 6-point scale, "Excellent tyres for reasonable price" "Value for money is phenomenal", "I really recommend this model! The Finns know how to make a winter tyre".


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How to choose the best winter tyres? 

All the winter tyres here are worth your attention, but how do you choose the perfect model for your car? The presented models are very similar in terms of quality, and each of them is recommendable. When searching for the perfect winter tyre, check the results of tests organised by automotive magazines and see how the presented models are rated in the individual categories. Also, take into account the class presented on tyre labels. The labels of winter tyres do not give information about their performance on snow or ice, but the information on wet grip, fuel consumption, and noise emission is also important. If in doubt, please contact our specialists who will help you to select the most suitable model for your needs.